Working Paper

"Conflicts of Interest, Low-Quality Ratings, and Meaningful Reform of Credit and Corporate Governance Ratings" (with Joseph R. Mason), April 2010

"God’s Household Economics," Orthodoxy Today, November 2009

"Banking Crises and the Rules of the Game," October 2009

"The Debasement of Ratings: What’s Wrong and How We Can Fix It"

"Prudential Bank Regulation: What’s Broke and How To Fix It"

"The Foreclosure-House Price Nexus: Lessons from the 2007-2008 Housing Turmoil," (with Stanley Longhofer and William Miles), NBER Working Paper No. 14294, September 2008.

"Activity-Based Valuation of Bank Holding Companies," (with Doron Nissim), NBER Working Paper No. 12918, February 2007.

"The Monopoly-Creating Bank Consolidation? The Merger of Fleet and BankBoston," (with Thanavut Pornrojnangkool), NBER Working Paper No. 11351, May 2005. Currently under revision, with Soo Jin Lee as additional coauthor.

"The Technical Challenge to Accurately Valuing Employee Stock Options," (with Kevin Hassett, Randall Kroszner, and Lawrence Lindsey), February 2005.

"The Political Economy of Bank Entry Restrictions: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. in the 1920s," (with Carlos Ramirez), Columbia Business School, December 2004.

"Options Pricing and Accounting Practice," (with R. Glenn Hubbard), January 2004.

"Government Credit Policy and Industrial Performance: Japanese Machine Tool Producers, 1963-1991," (with Charles P. Himmelberg), Policy Research Working Paper 1434, Financial Sector Development Department, The World Bank, March 1995



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