Case Studies

This page contains information about case studies that I have authored. 
They have been successfully used in both MBA and undergraduate economics classes.
To see an abstract of a case, click on the relevant link below.
All of my CaseWorks cases as well as links to download sample copies are available here.

(by Eric J. Johnson & Stephen P. Zeldes)
Keep the Change: Bank of America’s Savings Program
(by Eric J. Johnson & Stephen P. Zeldes)
Reducing Inflation in Argentina: Mission Impossible?
(by Fernando Alvarez & Stephen P. Zeldes)

The Big News
(by Anil Kashyap & Stephen P. Zeldes)

Spend! Save! Consumer Life-Cycle Planning
(by Nicholas S. Souleles & Stephen P. Zeldes)

If you are interested in using these cases, please visit or e-mail ColumbiaCaseWorks or Professor Stephen P. Zeldes

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Latest update: February 11, 2013