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About Us

The Black Business Students Association (BBSA) and its members have a rich tradition of leadership at Columbia Business School and in the broader business community. Today’s business landscape features many BBSA alumni leading some of the country’s most prominent companies. Many of those individuals cultivated their leadership capabilities during their tenures at Columbia Business School. Currently, the BBSA and its members are some of the most visible and active contributors to the campus community.

The BBSA supports its membership in three ways:

  • Professionally: Events such as the Real Deal Series, Fireside Chats and Brown Bag Lunches allow members to develop deep connections with companies. Modeling workshops and Interview Preparation events provide support to our membership throughout the recruiting season.
  • Academically: Study guides and group tutorial sessions to help BBSA members to excel in the rigorous academic environment at Columbia Business School
  • Socially: The BBSA plans several events to help members connect with each other and the greater CBS community. These include: Sunday Family Dinners, Apollo Amateur night outing, and the Annual Spring Party.

Additionally the Annual BBSA conference is the longest tenured student run event at Columbia Business School. This year's conference theme is "Innovation: The Need to be Nimble" and it promises to be an amazing event. Click here to register.

In the 2012 — 2013 academic year we intend to continue putting together these great events and programs while focusing on a number of new initiatives we believe will provide additional benefits to current members, alumni, the school and our sponsors.

Please take a moment to browse the site and learn more about our organization. Feel free to contact any of the executive board members listed within for more information.