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There are no ivory towers at CBS. The first year at CBS is a time of immense and voluminous real world learning and the second year continues this intense learning, yet more personally tailored toward your career interests. Columbia Business School doesn’t prepare you for your next job; it prepares you with the tools for a lifetime of leadership and the ability to pave your own path to success. Consequently, the school’s leadership strives to keep the curriculum fresh, flexible, and relevant. Just last year, the Program on Social Intelligence was initiated, with ground breaking extra curricular courses designed to teach the intangibles of business success.

But, what about the tangibles? Believe us, the core courses will teach you the tangible skills for success. Specifically, the BBSA works to facilitate its members' academic success through study groups, tutoring, exam prep sessions and mentorship programs. The links below help to explain the learning environment at CBS. In addition, there is a BBSA members-only page that provides study guides and class materials for current BBSA members.

More specifics and additional information about academics at Columbia Business School is available.