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Columbia BBSA: More Than an Association, We Are a Family and a Network

Think of your average business school student…then think again. The Columbia Black Business Students Association is a body whose soul is multifaceted, reflecting the complexity and heterogeneity of its constituents. Its personality is derived from individual experiences that combine the characters and cultures of a multiplicity of countries and nationalities– from the United States to France to Jamaica to Ghana – with the insights and ambitions of every career field you can imagine. You do not have to be Black or African –American to join the BBSA. We are an inclusive organization and welcome all Columbia Business School Students to join.

The role of the Membership is to foster the coherence and strength of this diverse band of women and men. Generally, this means developing an esprit de corps that is authentic and tangible, just as a true comrade’s presence is authentic and tangible in trying times. We personify the family, support system, and network that are necessary to thrive in the CBS community.

Understanding the importance of promoting strong social bonds among students, one goal of the BBSA is facilitating the creation of social relationships between Columbia Business School students and organizing events to promote social interaction between BBSA members and the entire Columbia community. We hold various professional events during the summer months to help incoming students transition as seamlessly as possible into the Columbia environment; and during the academic year, the BBSA sponsors various social events promoting camaraderie within the first and second year classes and well as between them.