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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Columbia Business School!

The Black Business Students’ Association is a great resource for advice and guidance during the application process. BBSA members can help you determine if Columbia Business School is the right fit for you.

What can I expect to gain from a Columbia Business School MBA?  What is the culture like? What are classes like? How should I approach the essay writing section of my application? If these are a few of the questions you seek to get answered, join us for our annual Prospective Students’ Day.

Prospective Student Day provides a great opportunity to gain valuable insight into Columbia Business School and the application process.  A series of discussion panels and information sessions held throughout the day facilitate an open forum where prospective students are given the opportunity to ask questions of administrators, alumni and current students.  Prospective students are also given an opportunity to attend a mock class session where they get to experience, first hand, the fascinating coursework offered at Columbia Business School.  The day’s agenda is followed by on and off campus social events where prospective students can interact with current students in an informal setting and get a feel for the social environment at Columbia Business School. Essentially, Prospective Student Day provides an opportunity to discover if pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School is the right decision for you.

Aside from Prospective Student Day, other resources include the Admissions Office and the Hermes Society.