THE THEME: Leaving Your Footprint: From Ideas to Action
Often in our lives we get caught up in our day-to-day and forget to realize the true potential of our ambitions and impact. Many of us have half written business plans, intentions of doing more charity work, broken New Year’s “exercise” resolutions; the perennial growing “to-do” list that blueprints our future dreams we hope to act on. Our personal lives and careers are busier than ever; constantly overloaded with commitments pulling us in many directions. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time and muster the motivation to seize the moment and act upon our plans. We also tend to overlook the impact we have already made in our professional and personal lives, recognizing those dreams we have accomplished as well as those left to achieve. This year our theme; “Leaving Your Footprint: From Ideas to Action” is our tribute and acknowledgement to the innate ability in all of us to live up to our potential. Whether it be kick-starting a business venture, empowering a career change, encouraging more philanthropic behavior or taking a moment to realize the many ways we have already left our footprints, we hope that our theme and this day help women to realize the power we all have to make a mark and positively influence our surroundings.

Columbia Women in Business (CWIB) is a professional and social organization that strives to provide Columbia Business School women with contacts and resources to assist them in their academic and professional careers.
CWIB is committed to working with faculty, administrators, alumnae and the greater business community to promote the role of and to create opportunities for women in business.