Networking & Cocktail Reception

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Building upon the conference theme of "Leaving Your Footprint," this year's CWIB Conference Networking and Cocktail Reception is titled "Tracing the Path to Success." The reception will be a wonderful opportunity to discover the achievements of our featured Columbia Business School alumnae entrepreneurs, network with new contacts, as well as connect with old friends. Please take a look at the CWIB Conference attendee list which will be posted on the Reception section of the Conference website to find out who will be there!

This year's Networking and Cocktail Reception will feature alumnae across a variety of industries including art, retail, entertainment, professional development, and health and wellness. Each alumna has demonstrated success in her industry and all the alumnae are excited to share stories about their "Path to Success¡± with the CWIB Conference attendees. Also, you will not want to miss the annual CWIB slideshow, live music, and the traditional CWIB cocktail!

Don't forget - even though the Conference is already sold out, you can still purchase a ticket for admission to the Networking and Cocktail Reception!

Alumnae Presenters:

Ms. Sara Margaret Green '01 - Founder, Executive Director, Art for Refugees in Transition

Ms. Lara Meiland '04 - President, Lara Helene Bridal Atelier

Ms. Carole Pinto '77 - Entreprenuer and Art Dealer

Ms. Elena Bajic '06 - Founder and CEO, Ivy Exec

Ms. Lisa Yom '06 - COO, Ivy Exec

Ms. Catherine Billon '89 - Founder and CEO, RiverWired

Ms. Amy Holbrook ’04 – Founder, AMH Design

Ms. Sharon Joseph ’97 – Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Harlem Lanes

Ms. Kaia Peterka ’03 – Founder, Kaia Peterka

Ms. Dawn Sanders '05 - Founder, Eyespa