Panels and Speakers (Download the full version of agenda and panel information)

10:15 – 11:15 a.m. Session I

Journey to the Top: Success Stories and Tips from Senior Level Women
Despite increasing representation across different levels and industries, female executives are still relatively rare. Highly accomplished women from a variety of industries, including media, consulting, investment banking and private equity, will share their experiences, advice and insight into their personal journeys rising up the corporate ladder.
Moderator: Donna Hitscherich, Professor of Finance & Economics, Columbia
Business School, CBS '90
Speakers: Ciara Burnham, Evercore Partners, CBS '93, Victoria "Tori" Stevens, Vice President, Branded Properties and Home Entertainment, ESPN Enterprises, CBS '95, Jacqueline Olynyk, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, CBS '90, Lori Arndt, Managing Director & Head of Investor Marketing Group, Goldman, Sachs & Co., CBS '95

Business First? The Domestic Private Sector in the Fight Against Poverty
Join professional women from leading organizations in international development to discuss the role of the domestic private sector in poor countries. There is a lively debate in the field about traditional aid through government agencies and NGOs versus supporting the domestic private sector, from microfinance through small business to the overall business environment in poor countries. Our panelists have on-the-ground experience and insights on this vital question of global importance.
Moderator: Professor William Duggan, Associate Professor of Management,
Columbia Business School
Speakers: Rita Ramalho, Economist, Doing Business, World Bank-IFC, Louise
Schneider Moretto
, Manager, Financial Services, Women's World Banking, Diana Yousef, Head of Knowledge Development and Research, Growing Sustainable Business Initiative, United Nations Development Programme, CBS '04, Cindy Ko, Director of International Expansion, Endeavor

Developing a Personal Brand: How to Differentiate and Promote Yourself in the Workplace
In today’s competitive work environment, just getting the job done is no longer
enough. In order to further your career, you must stand out. How do you differentiate yourself, get noticed and get ahead? The answers lie in creating a personal brand.
Learn how you can identify and express your own personal brand and hear a discussion on the effectiveness of utilizing branding strategies to develop your career.
Moderator: Natalie Mizik, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business
Speakers: Natalie Danysh, Managing Director, Greenfield Consulting Group, CBS '75, Mari Hayes, Senior Director of Marketing, The Promotion in Motion Companies, Inc., CBS '83, Sue Kochan, Chief Executive Officer, Brand | Cool Marketing Inc., Kimberley Euston, Principal, Workplace Relationships, Inc.

Sanity and Success: How to Strategically Manage Your Work and Life Fit Throughout Your Career

From long before Lisa Belkin's seminal article "The Opt-Out Revolution," to long after Sylvia Ann-Hewlett's insightul research on re-entry into the workforce, professional women have faced the ever-daunting task of making choices to balance their lives with work. Thanks to women like our panelists and the road they have paved, we now have more choices and support to keep us sane and satisfied. Please join us to hear about some of the choices these women made, and learn strategies to help manage your own work and life decisions.
Moderator: Cali Williams-Yost, President and Founder, Work+Life Fit, Inc., CBS '95
Speakers: Kathleen Lynch, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer Global
Securities Research and Economics division, Merrill Lynch, Elizabeth Vale, Managing Director and Portfolio Strategist, Morgan Stanley, Patricia Kavanagh, M.D., Long Island College Hospital, Movement Disorders Clinic, CBS '78, Denise Nash, Consultant, Aquent Marketing Staffing, CBS '90

Workshop: What Successful Leaders Know and Do
Led by PepsiCo’s former Chief People Officer, this workshop will provide you with practical and “hands-on” tools and strategies that you can use immediately. Whether you are an associate or president, learn the differences between leadership and management and how you can develop both skills to succeed in your career.
Facilitator: Michael C. Feiner, Professor of Management, Columbia Business School, CBS '66

11:35 – 12:35 p.m. Session II

Can a Woman Be Herself in Business and Succeed?
"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult." - W. Bennis
Do women have to watch their back in business? Are emotions in business a plus or a minus? Do women have to dress like men to be taken seriously in business? Come and hear the views of three senior women executives who have dealt with these kinds of questions throughout their careers and will share their experiences with you.
Moderator: E. Ralph Biggadike, Professor of Management, Columbia Business School
Speakers: Josephine Linden, Regional Manager of New York Private Wealth Management, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Karin-Joyce Tjon, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal, LLC , CBS '97, Abbe Raven, President and Chief Executive Officer, A&E Television Networks

Women Helping Women
This panel will focus on the ways that women interact in their professional lives and will examine formal and informal networking and mentoring relationships both in and outside the workplace. Panelists will share their experience and insight into how cultivating relationships with other women has impacted their career and the important ways that women in their professional lives have helped them.
Moderator: Shirley Neff, President and CEO, Association of Oil Pipelines
Speakers: Marcella Shinder, Vice President of Brand Marketing and Strategy, OPEN at American Express, Joan P. Werner, Director in the Marketing and Client Services Department, Ramius Capital Group, LLC, CBS '95, Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, The Kaplan Thaler Group, Stephanie Hanbury-Brown, Founder and Managing Director, Golden Seeds, LLC

How to Stay Healthy on the Road to Success
An open discussion on advice on how women can take the steps to stay healthy while maintaining extremely busy lifestyles filled with work and family obligations. Three experts in the health and wellness field will share both their personal experiences and provide listeners with tips on how they can lead more fullfilling healthy lifestyles.
Moderator: Linda Green, Ph.D., Armand G. Erpf Professor of the Modern Corporation, Columbia Business School
Speakers: Nadine F. Allyn, RD & MPH, Director for Quality Improvement Initiatives, American Heart Association, Lisa Feiner, MBA & M.Ed, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Feiner Health, CBS ’81, Sharon R. Akabas, Ph.D., Associate Director, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University

Impact of Digital Media: The Future and Investing
The Digital media field is dynamic and growing at break-neck speed. Currently
companies are investing millions of dollars into different forms of mobile technology, gaming, and social networking sites. This panel will cover and discuss where future growth lies as well as different investment strategies in the space.
Moderator: Jeremy Kagan, Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business
Speakers: Allison Goldberg, Director – Investments, Time Warner, Dina Kaplan,
Chief Operating Officer,, Debra Bluman, Vice President Product Marketing, Crisp Wireless, Bonnie Taffer, Vice President, American Express

Workshop: Developing Your Negotiation Skills
Recognizing that negotiation skills are critical for all phases of business, this
workshop uses a simulated negotiation that enables participants to learn how to
hone their negotiating skills. (Note: This workshop is not intended for students
who are currently taking or have already taken B8412, Managerial Negotiations.)
Moderator: Ann P. Bartel, Ph.D., A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics and Director, Human Resource Management Program, Columbia Business School, MA, Columbia, 1973; Ph.D., 1974

3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Session III
Empowering Women in Male Dominated Industries
The representation of women in certain industries, such as finance and science, lags behind others significantly, especially in senior executive positions and on executive boards. Learn the strategies and tactics that propelled these highly successful women over the barriers and into the ranks of senior leadership in typically male dominated industries.
Moderator: Laurie Simon Hodrick, Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School/Managing Director - Global Head of Alternative Investment Strategies, Deutsche Bank
Speakers: Deborah Buresh Jackson, President, DBJ Capital, LLC, CBS '80, Ava Albert Schnidman, Ph. D., President, Deltech Consulting Group, Ltd, Columbia University, Lorre F. Jay, Director, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin’s, Linda Basch, Ph. D., President, The National Council for Research on Women

Entrepreneurship: Leaving Your Footprint with Your Unique Business

Four Columbia MBA alumnae share their experiences in starting and growing
their own businesses. Their enterprises range in fields from private equity, to
cosmetics, to a New York-based non profit organization. Not only will you have the opportunity to hear the panelists' stories, you will also be able to ask questions of these women who have forged ahead with their own business ideas.
Moderator: Kristen Leigh Barry, Ph.D., Vice President, Analysis Group, Professor of
Economics at the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program
Speakers: Ceci Mack Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Ceci Cela, CBS '01, Tami
, Founder, Juara Skincare, CBS '06, Laura B. Sachar, General Partner, StarVest Partners, CBS '91, Andrea Wenner, Executive Director, Out2Play, CBS '05

Table Talk - Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask About Relationships, Work, Life, and More (Want to participate? Send your questions to us!)
Does success for women come at a price? Come join a provocative discussion about some of the issues that successful women face but don’t always openly discuss – dating and relationships, power and money, ambition and success, and other issues that you want to talk about.
Moderator: Ann Demarais, Ph.D., President, First Impressions, Inc., Co-Author
of First Impressions: What You Don't Know About How Others See You
Speakers: Tanya Styblo Beder, Private Investor, Advisory Board of Columbia
University's Financial Engineering Program, Debra Condren, Ph.D., Founder,
Women's Business Alliance and author of AmBITCHous: (def.) a woman who: 1.
makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4.
has the determination to go after her dreams and can do it with integrity, Dr.
Christine B. Whelan, Author of Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, Heidi L.
, President, Lowenhaupt Global Advisors, CBS '85

Social Enterprise and the Business Woman
This panel aims to show business women where social enterprise fits into their life through the example of four business women who exemplify commitment to both business and social responsibility. This panel will discuss why we as business women have a great deal to offer and how we can lend our special skill set to help solve social issues. Whether by sitting on non profit boards or by striving to be socially responsible members of the corporate world, there are tangible ways we can fit social enterprise into our day to day professional lives.
Moderator: Raymond D. Horton, Frank R. Lautenberg Professor of Ethics and
Corporate Governance, Director, Social Enterprise Program, Columbia Business
Speakers: Christina Barrineau, Managing Director, Financial Access Initiative, New York University, Elizabeth Coleman, President, Beatrice R. and Joseph A. Coleman Foundation, Principal, eColeman Enterprises, Sue Lehmann, Chair, YouthNoise, Lisa Honig Buksbaum, CEO & Founder, Soaringwords.

Workshop: Constructive Conflict
This workshop explores the underpinnings of conflict, including how destructive
dynamics can undermine task success and damage relationships as well as how constructive dynamics can improve outcomes. We’ll discuss pitfalls as well as good practices. Participants will also have hands-on practice to take these ideas and put them into action.
Moderator: Daniel R. Ames, Sanford C. Bernstein Associate Professor of Leadership and Ethics.