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 FEBRUARY 22, 2008

Lerner Hall, Columbia University

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Panels & Speakers

10:15 – 11:15 AM

Session I

Taking the Reigns: Tips for New Managers*

What does it take to be a successful new manager? How do I fairly delegate work? How do I manage my friend without being “bossy?” How do I lead group-decision making? Join four successful managers to learn how they handled such challenges in their early managerial roles.

Moderator: Megan Bordi, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Shari Austrian-Krull, Managing Director, Catholic Big Sisters & Big Brothers, Columbia School of Social Work ’00; Rebecca Hornstein, VP, Human Capital Management Strategy, Lehman Brothers, CBS JD/MBA ’00; Mona Shah, VP, Business Development, Global Network Services, American Express, CBS ’01; Alissa Hsu Lynch, Group Product Director, Johnson & Johnson, CBS ’99

Workplace Socializing and Networking

Networks are the key to professional success, but what role does socializing play in building them? How much interaction is really necessary and how can you determine what level is right for you? More importantly, how can women navigate pitfalls and succeed in male-dominated spaces? Our experienced panel will discuss the critical, but seldom-addressed, question of how to use social activities and networks to further your career while remaining true to your interests.

Moderator: Marina Severinovsky, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Karla C. Elrod, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton; Aliza Freud, Founder & CEO, SheSpeaks, Inc., CBS ’01; Teri Lee Trupia, National Director of Sales and Service, IKON; Julie Wong, VP, Morgan Stanley, CBS ’03

Power Couples

A Power Couple is a duo who managed to build not only their respective resumes but also their relationship. As individuals, they ascended to the top of their careers. As a couple, they created a loving and lasting family—no easy task! Join the panelists as they discuss the issues they faced as a couple and the tactics they used to enable success at home and at work.

Moderator: Lindsay Dratch, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Yumi and Eiichiro Kuwana, Founding Principals, Cook Pine Capital; Janice L. Sears, Managing Director, Western Region Head, Global Real Estate, Gaming & Lodging Investment Banking, Banc of America Securities, and Geoffrey B. Sears, Partner, Wareham Property Group; Barbara Yaros, Director Marketing Services, Reckitt Benckiser, CBS ’84, and Neal Yaros, Partner, Deloitte Tax, LLP

Big Change

Women are faced with the opportunity to make    major changes in their professional lives—whether to take off time when starting a family; to work a full-time or a flexible schedule; to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur; and to move between for-profit and non-profit. The highly successful panelists will draw from their own experiences and share with us how they knew the “big change” was right, how they coped with the resulting challenges, and how they transferred skills and kept connections.

Moderator: Abby Jacobs, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Michelle Kedem, Partner, On Ramps, CBS ’02; Alison Schlesinger, VP of External Affairs, Jewish Guild for the Blind, CBS ’87; Beth Schoenfeldt, Co-Founder, Ladies Who Launch, CBS ’94; Amanda Sourry, VP Marketing & General Manager, Unilever

Workshop: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Uncover your true passion and use it to expand your selection of career possibilities. In seeking a satisfying career, don't limit yourself by sticking to the past or what other people will think. Whether you are a soon-to-be graduate or seasoned career professional this is a chance to take off the blinders and create the future of your dreams!

Facilitator: Rayona Sharpnack, Founder & CEO, Institute for Women’s Leadership

11:35 AM – 12:35 PM

Session II


Discuss the challenges, rewards, and best practices for finding mentors, utilizing mentors, and becoming a mentor as you progress in your career. The panel is geared towards women who are in the early stages of their careers and are looking to build mentorship relationships, both inside their companies and through other avenues.

Moderator: Laura Finefrock, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Marilyn Ceci, Managing Director, JPMorgan Securities; Patricia Hong, Principal, AT Kearney, CBS ’03; Visala James, VP, Marketing and Sales, Unleash, Inc., CBS ’88; Carolyn Lese, HR Director for Sales and Distribution, IBM, CBS ’97; Pepper Roukas, Director of Content and Alliances, American Express, CBS ’05

Global Women’s Issues

“In a world where there is so much to be done, I felt strongly impressed that there must be something for me to do,” wrote social reform activist Dorothea Dix. Discuss with leaders in public policy, gender equality, and employment advancement how we can promote the economic growth of women throughout the world through vision and voice.

Moderator: Allison Redmond, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Taina Bien-Aimé, Executive Director, Equality Now; Nikki Cicerani, Managing Director, NYC, Upwardly Global, CBS ’04; Ester Fuchs, Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs; Kathy Rodgers, President, Legal Momentum; Rose Sculley, Development Consultant, Corporate Strategic Partnerships, CFRE, CBS ’77

Changing the Game: Arranging YOUR Life

The policies that shape when, where, and how we work significantly affect our ability to succeed in both professional and personal life. Change agents working internally and externally with organizations are making strides to ensure that women receive the flexible schedules, benefits, and career guidance necessary to reach high ranks. Join our panel of industry and academic experts as they discuss why customized corporate structures are gaining traction and how you can change the game to fit your life.

Moderator: Alicia Graham, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Linda Caruso, Senior VP, Sales, Mom Corps, CBS ’98; Judith Finer-Freedman, Work/Life Advocate & Doctoral Researcher, The University of Toronto; Kelly Fiore, President & CEO, Charity Folks; Dionne Wallace, Human Resources Manager, State Farm Insurance Companies; Anne Weisberg, Director of Diversity, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Managing in Times of Uncertainty

Changes in company structure by way of mergers, restructuring, downsizing, and management transformations are more the norm today than the exception. Leaders across industries discuss the steps they took to prepare themselves and their career for inevitable change and how they led colleagues through periods of ambiguity.

Moderator: Jill Austrian, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Kim Corrigan, Executive VP, Group Management Director, Draftfcb; Jeri Finard, Former CMO, Kraft Foods, Inc, CBS ’86; Jani Hegarty, President, Health and Wellness Partners; Leanne Wagner, VP, New Business Women’s Health Care, Wyeth, CBS ’82

Workshop: Personal Leadership

What’s your personal style? Uncover your own capabilities and engage your leadership approach to effect change and motivate others.

Facilitator: Barbara Goodstein, EVP Marketing & Chief Innovation Officer, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, CBS ’83

12:45 – 2:45 PM  

Luncheon and Networking

Remarks by CWIB Conference Co-Chairs Jenny Ahn, CBS ’08, and Kristie Wauthier, CBS ’08, MBA Candidates

Keynote Address Andrea Jung, Chairman & CEO, Avon Products, Inc.

3:00 – 4:30 PM    

Session III

Politics of Success: Managing Human Roadblocks*

Join the panelists from a variety of industries as they share successful solutions in dealing with interpersonal challenges at work and offer advice on how to navigate through environments in which people attempt to inhibit your progress.

Moderator: Lakshmi Potluri, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Karin Katz, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, CBS ’90; Leanne Lachman, President, Lachman Associates, CBS Executive-in-Residence; Kathryn Mayer, Founder, KC Mayer Consulting; Cheryl Stallworth-Hooper, General Manager, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive

Ascent to the Top

What does it take to rise through the ranks of a successful organization, particularly in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated? Senior female executives from consulting, media, consumer goods and retail will discuss how women can be leaders, how to take the final leap through a glass ceiling to the top and how, once we’re there, we can maintain our networks, our jobs, and our lives.

Moderator: Shari Cooperman, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Theresa Chillianis, Senior VP, Strategy and Business Operations, Fuse; Brigitte Cooperman, Senior VP of Brand Distribution, Lilly Pulitzer; Deirdre Mahlan, Head of Tax and Treasury, Diageo Plc, CBS ’91; Trish Mosconi, Principal, Operations Strategy, McKinsey & Company, CBS ’98

The Realities of Working Abroad

Interested in working abroad? In today’s global economy, international exposure is not just nice to have, but a must for career advancement. Highly accomplished women from a variety of industries, including banking, consulting, public relations, and technology, will share their experiences, advice, and insight into landing an international assignment. Plus, get the dos and don’ts of working abroad.

Moderator: Viola Li, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Vera Chota, IBM Corporate Headquarters HR, Americas Staffing Leader, IBM; Andrea Bryan, Managing Director, Synthetic CDO/Credit Derivatives, Standard & Poor’s; Perry Yeatman, Senior VP of International Corporate Affairs and Global Issues Management, Kraft; Luanne D. Zurlo, Founder & Executive Director, Worldfund, CBS ’93

Why We Need More Women in Business

Now more than ever women are taking leadership roles in all areas of society. Over the past few decades women have made innumerable contributions to business. The panelists will explore the benefits to industry and society of having women in top management positions.

Moderator: Mrinalini Loew, CBS ’09, MBA Candidate

Speakers: Catherine Clifford, Co-Founder,; Jennifer Radin, Principal, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, CBS ’98; Joy Williams, Senior Director, Sponsorship Development, ESPN, CBS ’01; Gabriella Fitzgerald, Vice President, American Express; Carol Koh Evans, General Manager, Massive Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation, CBS '99

Workshop: Managing Your Personal Finances

Sanyika Calloway Boyce offers tips for creating a financial plan, meeting your goals, and managing your personal finances throughout life’s major stages. She also provides ideas for releasing negative emotional patterns around money and focusing on living in abundance.

Facilitator: Sanyika Calloway Boyce, Financial Fitness Coach, Financial Fitness Institute, LLC

   * Recommended for women in early-career stages
Recommended for women in mid-career stages