Panels and Speakers

Session I: Today's Business Trends

10:15 - 11:15am

Banking in High Heels: Top Women Executives Discuss How to Succeed on Wall Street
What does it take to succeed as a woman in the financial industry? Executive women discuss their journeys to the top, as well as how methods for success have evolved. The idea of the panel is twofold: to learn how being a woman affected them in their successful career path, either positively or negatively, and to hear how they are adapting to current financial events.

Moderator: Florencia Moizeszowicz, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Lisa Carnoy, Managing Director, Head of Global Equity & Equity Linked Capital Markets, Merrill Lynch, Columbia College '89
  • Susan Glendon, Managing Director, UBS, CBS '78
  • Chandra Metzler, Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Erika Davila Rothman, Associate, JP Morgan, Columbia SIPA '07

Can I Have it All? Managing Work and Family Lives. (Early Career)
Women CAN successfully balance their careers and family! This panel of highly successful women will discuss the challenges that arise when women decide to start a family as well as how raising a family impacts women throughout their careers. The panel includes women at various stages in their careers who will talk about the choices they made, the obstacles they overcame, and the rewards of having a family in addition to a successful career.

Moderator: Anne Laraway, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Jennifer Abrams, Recruiting Manager, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC
  • Lorre F. Jay, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Nisha McGreevy, Managing Director, Barclays, CBS '91
  • Tamara Odinec, Director, American Express, CBS '05
  • Cali Williams Yost, Founder, Work-life Fit, CBS '95

Isn’t Money Green? Women Making a Difference with Their Careers
Women want it all: a successful career and the chance to change the world. Leaders across industries, whose jobs focus on sustainability, will discuss how they have been able to promote environmental and socially focused missions and make an impact in their companies. Women with successful careers focused on sustainability in the private sector will discuss how they’ve done this, why they’ve chosen to work in their industries, and whether the current corporate focus on sustainability is just a trend or here to stay.

Moderator: Brett Friedman, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Amy Brenner, Senior Manager, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, CBS '94
  • Amy Chender, VP Social Responsibility, ABC Home
  • Sarah Endline, Founder and CEO, Sweetriot
  • Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher, Masters, Teachers College '87
  • Gretchen Hancock, Corporate Environmental Programs Project Manager, General Electric

New Media, New Challenges: Women in the Forefront of Music, Publishing, and Television
How has the digital revolution affected media companies? This panel will address some of the changes in the entertainment industry and focus on building an online brand. We will speak to five high-level female executives and find out how they kept pace with technology and plan to stay ahead of the competition.

Moderator: Ginny Yang, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Deanna Brown, President, SN Digital, Scripps Network
  • Lisa Ellis, Executive Vice President, Sony Music Label Group
  • Lisa Gerson, Director, Marketing Partnerships, The New York Times
  • Jennifer Ogden-Reese, VP, Consumer Marketing, Time Inc.
  • Tina Imm, Senior Vice President / General Manager, VH1 Digital, MTV Networks

Succession Planning: Women's New Role in Senior Management
This panel will discuss the advent of women in senior management/executive positions and their growing role in succession planning for CEO and top management. While today the number of women in CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies is dishearteningly small, it has been argued that there is an increasing number of strong women candidates built into succession plans. – A New Role for Women in Succession Plans.

Moderator: Olivia Albrecht, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Suni Harford, Head of Research, Citi
  • Linda Riefler, Chief Talent Officer, Morgan Stanley
  • David Ross, Assistant Professor, Columbia Business School
  • Heidi Wood, Managing Director - Aeorspace/Defense, Morgan Stanley

Session II: In the Workplace

11:35 - 12:35pm

Generations in the Workplace
Do generational tensions exist in the workplace? Do Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers view work differently? The panel will dissect each generation’s relationship to work and how these perspectives factor into professional dynamics. We will also discuss best practices for creating synergies between generations to build a productive working atmosphere for all employees.

Moderator: Gabrielle Breslow, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Alicia Whitaker, Principal, Whitaker Associates
  • Marlene M. Motyka, Principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
  • Ann E Strini, Senior Marketing Manager, American Express, CBS '04
  • Laura Venderkam, Freelance Writer and Author of Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding Career without Paying Your Dues

Being in the Majority: Leveraging Predominately Female Work Settings
Women in business voice significant challenges while working in male-dominated settings, but how does it work for the other end of the spectrum when women work in a predominantly female industries? This panel aims to discuss some of the obstacles, challenges, benefits, and lessons for women to effectively work on primarily female teams. How can women best build upon each other in female-dominated industries such as retail, publishing, and marketing? How can women in business empower other women? How does the current network of female executives help mentor new generations of female leaders?

Moderator: Mindy Ding, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Susan Shapiro Barash, Author; Professor of Gender Studies, Marymount Manhattan College
  • Elizabeth Harrison, Co-Founder, Principal, Harrison & Shriftman
  • Kimberle Lau, Global Marketing Director, Laura Mercier/ ReVivie/ Gurwitch Products LLC, CBS '06
  • Diane Oshin, Publisher, All You, CBS '79

Developing Champions and Allies
Success in a career often hinges on having champions for your work. This panel will discuss methods for communicating your work product and accomplishments to colleagues as well as fostering relationships with your supporters. Additionally, the panel will explore methods to persuade people to support your agenda or ideas at a project level.

Moderator: Annie Haas, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Mira Graetz-Ball, Managing Dircector, International Investments, Metlife Investment Advisors Company, LLC
  • Jennifer Ingram, Vice President, American Express, CBS EMBA '02
  • Holly Sheffield, Managing Director, Credit Suisse, CBS MBA '97
  • Caroline Van Scheltinga, Managing Director and Head of The Telecommunications Group, Jeffries & Company, Inc.
  • Cindy Wenig, General Counsel, AREA Property Partners., Columbia Law School '91

Drop Me a Line: Communicating in the Workplace
Good office communication is a challenge for everyone. For women, communication is especially important to create opportunities and to manage less traditional periods in their careers. This panel will discuss successful communication tactics. The panelists will share what they have done to communicate desired career paths and goals to superiors, and will share tips for expressing what one wants in the office, from social norms among peers to mentorship and advice from senior managers. Finally, our panelists will also cover presentation and communication skills with senior managers and clients.

Moderator: Genna Sankin, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Lisa Bennis, Managing Partner, Exec|Comm LLC
  • Lori Massad, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Alliance Bernstein L.P.
  • Anne Walker, Director, Equity Capital Markets, Merrill Lynch, CBS '01
  • Janice Won, Co-Active Partner, Interactive Strategies Group

Turning Conflict into Opportunity: Managing Difficult Relationships
Relationships drive business. It is impossible to climb the corporate ladder without strong interpersonal skills. However, diverse personalities and cultures in the workplace inevitably lead to conflict. As you develop your career, it is essential to work through conflict to create positive relationships with supervisors, peers, subordinates, and clients. Panel participants will provide advice and insight into how best to deal with difficult people and situations throughout your career.

Moderator: Nicole Greenfield, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Joanna Barsh, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Karen Donaldson, Founder, Leadership Development Resources, LLC, CBS '94
  • Traci Mabrey, Global Head of Client Engagement for Wealth Management, Thomson Reuters
  • Sara Senatore, Senior Research Analyst, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, CBS '04

Session III: Your Evolving Career

3:00 - 4:20 pm

“Changing Gears”: The Search for Personal Fulfillment and Professional Success
As there is no single path to success, every woman must create her own roadmap. In today’s ever-changing world, your first (or your second or third) job will probably not be your last. This panel will feature successful women who made a mid-career decision to change industries, functions, or both. The conversation will highlight the use of networks and transferable skills in the career transition and explore what it means to define and find personal success in your professional life.

Moderator: Jen Smith, CBS '10, MBA Candidate & Laura Hahn, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Janine Beach, Associate, McKinsey & Company, CBS and Columbia Law '04
  • Merle Duskin Kailas, Executive Director, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation
  • Elyse Kossin, Financial Director, Time Inc.
  • Lisa Marchese, Vice President, Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions, American Express, CBS '97
  • Ava Seave, Principal (and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School), Quantum Media Associates

Changing Companies, Changing Times: Managing During Periods of Uncertainty
We are in a period of great uncertainty. What can you do to become a better leader in this environment? What managerial challenges are unique to this time and how can you best handle them? How should you prepare personally for the uncertainty that you will face during your career? This panel will explore how to navigate working at a company or in an industry that is undergoing dynamic change. Learn from some of the top professionals as they share their experiences.

Moderator: Rebecca Silver, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Abby Joseph Cohen, President of the Global Markets Institute and Senior Investment Strategist, Goldman Sachs
  • Dr. Laura Forese, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons MD '87, Columbia School of Public Health MPH '95
  • Linda Huber, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Moody's Corporation
  • Valerie Salembier, Senior Vice President and Publisher, The Hearst Corporation's Harper's Bazaar

Establishing and Growing a Women’s Network
Networking is essential to a woman’s professional success, but what does it take to establish a valuable network? The objective of the panel is to cover the steps one must take to develop a women’s network into an integral component of corporate culture. Discussion will center on how to recognize the need for a women’s network at a firm, what one can gain from it, how to obtain support from senior management for a women’s initiative, and how to leverage peers to develop an informal network.

Moderator: Rebecca Holden, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Rehana Farrell, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch, CBS '99
  • Michelle Ferguson, SVP of Finance, McGraw-Hill Education, CBS '95
  • Hillary Hansen, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Janet Hanson, Founder, 85 Broads
  • Kimberly Lane, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting Group, CBS '07
  • Josephine Linden, Partner and Managing Director of Private Wealth Management, Retired, Goldman Sachs

Scotch, Golf, and Cigars: Breaking into the Men's Boardroom
Getting ahead in business is more than hitting your numbers and impressing your boss. It's also about being where the deals and decisions are made. To get to the top, do women have any other choice than to follow the men's rules? Should we all sign up for golf lessons, learn to tell the difference between blended and single malt scotch, and adopt a cigar habit? Male and female executives will discuss specific challenges and provide thoughts on whether women need to "play the game" or "change the rules" altogether.

Moderator: Katherine White, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Jocelyn Cunningham, Partner, Financial Services Information and Financial Services Industry Chief People Officer, Deloitte Financial Advisory Servicess LLP
  • Raleigh Mayer, Principal, Raleigh Mayer Consulting
  • Ann Sarnoff, President, Dow Jones Ventures
  • Richard Zannino, Former CEO, Dow Jones & Company, Columbia Business School Executive-in-Residence

Stepping Out on Your Own: Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs
Difficult for anyone, owning your own business presents additional challenges to female entrepreneurs. This panel of successful women will share their unique approaches to launching, funding, and leading startups. Our panelists will reflect on women and entrepreneurship, talking of their own experiences as women charting their own course.

Moderator: Nandeeta Seth, CBS '10, MBA Candidate


  • Katherine Hays, CEO, GenArts
  • Dr. Debra Condren, Author, Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word: A Woman's Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams
  • Anu Karwa, Founder and CEO, Swirl Events, CBS '04
  • Laura Sachar, General Partner, StarVest Partners, CBS '91