Panels and Speakers

Keynote Address

Speaker: Sallie Krawcheck CBS MBA ’92, President of Global Wealth and Investment Management for Bank of America
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Fifteenth Annual Distinguished Alumnae Award & Speech

Joan Hornig, CBS MBA '84, Owner and Creative Director, Philanthropy is Beautiful
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Session I: Mapping Your Career Path
10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

Dynamic Environments: Successful Women in Media and Entertainment
With the business world focused mainly on the financial industry, how can one pursue and attain a successful career in media and entertainment? This panel will focus on women with successful careers in the industry and look at the paths they took to get there. We will also look at the challenges they currently face in continuing to deal with the economic crisis as well as operating in an increasingly digital world.

Moderator: Shirley Wang, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Support on the Way Up: Enlisting Men to Help Break the Glass Ceiling
How can companies do a better job of enlisting men to help break the glass ceiling? Without support from men at the top, it can be difficult for women to rise through the ranks as quickly as their male counterparts. This panel will discuss how companies can encourage men to sponsor and mentor women and how women can do a better job of building support outside of traditional networks and constituencies.

Moderator: Lisa Vura-Weis, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

The Value of an MBA: Creating your own success in Non-MBA Concentrated Industries
Banking and consulting are not for everyone. How can business school graduates succeed in industries that don’t typically value MBAs? This panel has pulled together women from various functions to share experiences, tips and behaviors that have helped them leverage their MBAs to succeed in non-traditional fields.

Moderator: Sonali Johri, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Policing Wall Street: How Women are Shaping Financial Reform
At a symposium last spring, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner reflected upon an article he had read questioning what the world would be like if women ran Wall Street. "It's an excellent question. But kind of a low bar," Geithner joked, "How, you might ask, could women not have done better?" Financial regulation reform will have broad reaching implications. This panel will showcase how women are shaping the process. Our panelists come from a variety of professions: policymakers, lawyers, journalists, and the rating agencies all with different insights and perspectives on proposed policies.

Moderator: Clara Sheets, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Charting a New Path: Managing Your Career Through Uncertainty
This panel will explore how women have managed their careers through times of change, both anticipated and unanticipated. The panel includes women across different industries who will share their experience of managing their career through economic downturn or organizational changes. Panelists will also be invited to provide guidance on how they managed personal changes which impacted their careers. The goal of the panel will be to identify successful tools for managing change and how to best position oneself to minimize negative impacts of a changing economy or organization on one’s career.

Moderator: Elizabeth Adams, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Session II: Blazing New Trails
11:35 - 12:35 p.m.

Follow the Leader: Women in Power
The rise of women into society's most significant leadership roles - across sectors all around the world - is one of the most profound social transformations of the last decades. This panel will look at the career path of successful women who have been able to display their knowledge and skills while wielding power in societies. Panel members will give their opinion about how to develop effective leadership strategies as well as how to enhance influence and authority in different contexts.

Moderator: Helene Sifakis, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Going Long on Charity: Women in Business & Philanthropy
Women in business are emerging as a fundraising force, with a focus on more hands-on causes that support women and children. What are some of the key challenges facing the economic empowerment of women today, and how can we address these issues? What are the various approaches to philanthropy and how can we better promote volunteerism at a grassroots level? This panel will feature speakers who have contributed to the growth in female philanthropy both globally and locally in the New York region.

Moderator: Anyi Lee, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

The Art of Negotiation: Powerful Positioning for Success
This panel examines the art of negotiation for women through various practiced-professional and academic lenses. Our panelists are leaders in their respective industries and will address best practices across a full negotiation spectrum - from deal negotiation to personal development and, especially, career progression negotiation.

Moderator: Nicole Molofsky, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Winning the Board Game: Successful Women on Boards
As ambitious businesswomen, we may one day want to make it to that "coveted spot" in a boardroom. What does this path to the top look like? How does a woman looking to make a difference identify a personally and professionally rewarding board opportunity? Learn from a group of prestigious women about the experience and skills boards require and different paths one can take to serve on a board. Panelists will also share advice as to how women can best showcase their contribution potential and establish connections to land the board opportunities they desire.

Moderator: Audrey Betts, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Changing Landscapes: How CSR is Shaping the Future
This panel will explore how women in "non-traditional" industries - from the food/beverage industry to beauty - are shaping policies related to the important and growing field of corporate social responsibility.

Moderator: Dara Heller, CBS '12, MBA Candidate

Session III: Navigating Through Industries
3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Women Around the World: How Investing in Women Pays Off in Emerging Markets
The latest thinking in the field of international development is that investing in women yields significantly larger social benefits. This panel will discuss innovative models in economic development that focus on empowering women to change the future of their families and communities. Attendees will gain a global vision of how the tools of business are achieving poverty alleviation and greater gender equality across cultures and continents.

Moderator: Jennifer Lynch, CBS '12, MBA Candidate