Panels and Speakers

Session I:  Embracing the next challenge

10:45 - 12:00


Transitioning: How to Approach the Next Step of Your Career

This panel will focus on how women balancing your passion with needs (ie. Work/life balance, children ect) and how business school helps shape that choice. I would also like to touch on how women make the decision to following their passion and look at entrepreneurship as an alternative career path

Moderator: Amy Behrman, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Jasbina Ahluwalia, CEO & Founder, Intersections Match & myiMatch.com

·         Rehana Farrell, Managing Director,  Merrill Lynch Global Wealth & Investment Management

·         Diane Oshin, Group Publisher, Time Inc.

·         Michelle Tillis Lederman, Executive Coach and Founder, Executive Essentials

·         Cali Yost, CEO & Founder, Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit Inc.


Successful Habits of Successful Women

This panel will serve as an interactive workshop for women to discuss work or life habits that make a woman become successful. As "Success" might have different definition for different people, the panel will touch upon various topics, such as professional success, work/life balance, personal achievements, colleagues relationships, etc. The women panelists would be senior managers or executives at various firms. The panel attendants are supposed to bring some takeaways on how to develop effective habits to tackle the professional challenges and maintain happiness in the life.

Moderator: Yuan Meng, CBS ‘13, MBA Candidate


·         Elizabeth Powers, Associate Principal, Booz & Company

·         Maryam Banikarim, Senior Vice President of Integrated Sales Marketing, NBC Universal

·         Michelle Ferguson, SVP Finance Excellence and Quality, The McGraw-Hill Companies

·         Fiona Simmonds, Vice President, Corporate Development, American Express


Asking and Negotiating as a Key to Career Progress - What Women Are Missing

Many studies show that women have a tendency to under-value their strengths and accomplishments and to underplay they importance of their own needs. At the same time, social stigmas against women in positions of power keep many women from asking for what they want and actively negotiating for their own advancement, a behavior that is highly rewarded in men.  As a result, women miss out on better jobs, promotions and pay raises, enticing projects, leadership roles, and many other aspects of a fulfilling professional life - and they don't even know it.  This panel explores why women fail to advocate for their wants and needs, discusses the costs of this behavior to women's career progress, and offers techniques that women can use to negotiate successfully.

Moderator:  Sasha Thornber, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Lorre Jay, Managing Director, Portfolio Valuation Advisors, LLC

·         Dimitra Manis, Senior Vice President, Global Head of People, Thomson Reuters

·         Lori Massad, Chief Talent Officer, AllianceBernstein

·         Michele Smith, Consultant, Exec|Comm LLC

·         Dorothy Weaver, Director, Corporate Partnerships and Special Funding, Barnard College



Session II: Creating Opportunity

2:30 – 3:30


Women on Wall Street: The barriers to entry and growth

This panel will explore why women are still under-represented in "hard core" finance jobs such as investment banking, sales and trading, investment management and research. This will also discuss what are the barriers to entry and growth for women in these careers and how women can overcome them.

Moderator:  Sachee Trivedi,  CBS ’13, MBA Candidate

·         Diana Wagner, Senior Vice President, Capital Group

·         Susanne Greenfield, Director of Corporate Development, Griffon Corporation

·         Donna Hitscherich, Professor, Columbia Business School

·         Adrianne Shapira, Senior Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.

·         Sarah Diamond, General Manager for Consulting Services, IBM

·         Carol Flaton, Managing Director, Lazard


Inspiring Excellence: Building an Effective Network

This panel examines the power of designing a successful network to support your personal and professional development.  Much of an individual’s intellectual capital stems from relationships; fostering those relationships which inspire you to lead and have an impact is valuable endeavor.  Our panelists will discuss the benefits of building a diverse network and provide practical steps on how you can develop a meaningful network throughout your career.

Moderator:  Amy Engel, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Maliz Beams, Chief Executive Officer, ING Retirement

·         Gretchen Goodall, Managing Director for Global Transaction Services, Citigroup

·         Carolyn Buck Luce, Global Pharmaceutical Sector Lead, Ernst & Young

·         Lisa Rankin, Vice President Business Development, American Express

·         Erika Davila Rothman, Vice President and Head of Latin American Sovereigns, JP Morgan Asset Management

·         Lacey Pevey, Vice President of Financial Institution Division, Chartis


Entrepreneurship in action: shaping ideas into reality

This panel will showcase how women have chosen and navigated the world of entrepreneurship.  Our panelists, founders of successful and growing companies, will share their experiences and stories about how they developed their business ideas and brought these ideas to reality.

Moderator:  Mallie Timiraos, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Loren Brill, Founder & CEO, Sweet Loren's

·         Kate Clark, Founder and President, YOTTOY Productions

·         Jennifer Fleiss, Co-Founder and President, Rent the Runway

·         Kimberly Skelton, Co-Founder, Have to Have



Session III: Building a Fulfilling Career

4:00 – 5:00


Doing what you love: following your passion

This panel will explore the topic of how do you balance a career with doing what you love and following your passion. What motivates you every day? How did you find what you love doing? Once you’ve embarked on a career how do you make sure you have time to pursue the things you are passionate about if they are not a part of your day-to-day job? If you pursued a less traditional path to pursue what you love, what tradeoffs did you have to consider? Is this something you started right after graduating business school or was it another career switch?

Moderator:  Alexia Sadun, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Anu Karwa, Director of Marketing, Peeled Snacks

·         Madelyn Miller, Principal, Alliance Berstein Global Wealth Management

·         Rachel Thebault, Founder and Head Confectioner, Tribeca Treats

·         Susan Weil, Partner, Weil & Wein: Executive Coaching


Women in Top Management and Boards: Lessons from Foreign Colleagues

Moderator:  Nidhi Nakra, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate

Women continue to be a minority presence in top management across companies worldwide. This panel will focus on the representation of women on company boards and in senior management. Discussion will be focused on the merits and criticisms of methods adopted by corporations to promote participation and retention of women among the ranks, the panelists' personal experiences, and the possibility of making female representation mandatory in the US, as is the case in Northern Europe.

Moderator:  Nidhi Nakra, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Ellen Stafford-Siggs, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLC

·         Katharyn White, Vice President of Marketing, IBM Global Business Services

·         Stephanie Ruiz, Director of Debt Capital Markets, Credit Suisse

·         Courtney Hagan, Senior Director of Executive Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo

·         Nicole Sebastian, Deputy Executive Director, VCG Governance Matters


Social Impact in Action: Innovative Solutions to Social Challenges

A triple bottom line is hard to come by these days. These women have successfully created companies that have placed an emphasis on people, planet and profits all at once. They will share their stories and inspire future entrepreneurs to consider have a multiple bottom line.

Moderator:  Zimuzo Agim, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate


·         Melissa Berman, President and CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

·         Stephanie Odegard, President, Odegard, Inc.

·         Sharon Chang, Founder, Yoxi.tv

·         Tirzah Enumah, Chief of Staff, New Teacher Center

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