Panels and Speakers

Session I:

Women in Technology: Geek is the New Chic

Technology is transforming our world at a faster pace than ever before. How do women seize this momentum and grab the steering wheel in a technology-driven world? Can women capitalize on the shortage of technology skills currently present in the U.S.? Our panelists share their paths to leadership in the technology field and offer ideas for success in this traditionally male-dominated area.

Moderator:  Christina Chow, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate



From Business School to the Board Room: Leveraging an MBA

How have highly successful executives used their network and skills from school to achieve their long-term goals? For most of us, business school was the first step towards leading change in something in which we believe passionately. In this panel discussion, we speak to CEOs, board members, and senior management about leveraging the skills they acquired at school -- as well as the value of the school's network, academics, and brand -- in their journey to the top of the corporate ladder.

Moderator:  Nidhi Nakra, CBS ’13, MBA Candidate



Social Impact Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good

Social impact investing can be a nebulous term since it covers a wide swath of issues that range from environmental concerns to assisting entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Furthermore, the investments themselves can come in many different forms – whether it be a microfinance loan or a share in a socially responsible mutual fund. This panel brings together top female leaders in the space to discuss some of the common challenges that this variety of social impact investors share, including proper measurement techniques, ways in which investments can be scaled and common misconceptions about the asset class.

Moderator:  Courtney Quick, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Session II: Workshops

You, The Brand: Building Impressions and Connections

What do people say about you when you leave the room? Is it what you want them to say? Your brand and your relationships are two critical components of your future success. In this workshop, Michelle Tillis Lederman, President and Founder of Executive Essentials, will discuss how to determine your brand attributes, demonstrate the nuances of body language on your professional presence, and discuss how to strengthen the relationships in your network, expanding upon lessons from her book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

Moderator:  Victoria Wild, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Negotiating Effectively: The Art of Making a Deal

Achieving success in the workforce means not only mastering the art of negotiations, but also reaching a level of comfort with the art. One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is to not negotiate – whether it is due to cultural issues or pre-established gender roles, lack of confidence, or inexperience. Through a combination of discussion and interactive role-play sessions, this workshop will specifically target how women negotiate and identify practices to improve one's skills.

Moderator:  Mallory Kirsh, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Managing Your Finances: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure a Secure Financial Future

Managing your finances is one of the most important skills you can learn in life, but many people know little about it. Additionally, women face a unique set of challenges, as they have longer life expectancies than men and are more likely to take time away from the workforce to raise a family. This panel will address everything you need to know about successfully managing your finances, including saving and investing for retirement.  

Moderator:  Kate Furlong, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Session III:

Climbing the Corporate Ladder: Navigating the Transition from Specialist to Manager

The reality of a promotion to a "dream job" can often fail to live up to expectations. Leadership requires a specific skill set and presents many challenges for new managers. As a result, the transition can be a very stressful time, and many fail. Join our panel in a discussion of key transitioal issues, including dealing with fractured teams, time management, the art of delegation, managing upwards, stress resiliency and conflict resolution. Hear our experts share their first hand experiences and tips for success.

Moderator:  Clare Skirrow, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Going Solo: Building Your Own Path to Success through Entrepreneurship

Starting a business can be one of the most exciting and frightening decisions you will ever make. How do you know if you have a good idea? How do you develop your product or service? How do you bring your product to market? How do you go about acquiring clients? In our panel on entrepreneurship, you will get the benefit of learning from others' experiences to help you find your own path to success.

Moderator:  Lacy Pierce, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate



Women Changing the Political Landscape

Navigating the world of politics is a lot like navigating any business, except that each small move you make is subject to public scrutiny. What is it like working in a male-dominated atmosphere? Why is it that women compose fewer than 20% of the U.S. members of Congress? How do women in politics negotiate legislation, balance personal convictions with public rhetoric and drive home a successful campaign? The number of women in positions of political power is growing. Hear from today’s political powerhouses about breaking the glass ceiling -- and staying there.

Moderator:  Jordana Kier, CBS ’14, MBA Candidate


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