The primary purpose of CWIB mentoring is to create opportunities for our mentorship to develop mentoring relationships and to understand how to cultivate and strengthen exiting relationships. We have three main channels through which mentoring is pursued.

CWIB Mentoring Series

The CWIB Mentoring Series brings in seasoned executive women to have intimate, non-recruiting breakfast, lunch and dinner gatherings with small groups of students. These events provide CWIB members with an excellent opportunity to network with executives in the business world and develop mentoring relationships.

This gives us an opportunity to build a wide network and develop senior mentors in various fields.

CWIB Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

A new initiative introduced this year, the peer-to-peer mentoring is designed to increase connectivity between first and second year students at the business school. Each participating first year is matched with a second year based on a variety of common interests, enabling an informal relationship that will grow throughout the year. In addition to the mentor pairings, the initiative also involves a series of socially focused events to increase interactions between business school students overall. These events are aimed to give us an opportunity to build a wide network and take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and diversity available in the business school student body.

CWIB undergraduate mentoring

A lot of being a good mentee comes from the experience of being a mentor. CWIB undergraduate mentoring attempts to give back to the undergraduates at Columbia University through panel discussions, brown bag lunches and other events.

For more information about networking opportunities, please contact our VPs Leadership Development, Ashley Hines and Kanyisa Ncemane.