Panel 1A: Alternative Route in China Real Estate Investment

Significant growth of the Chinese economy has led to the rapid expansion of the real estate industry supported by increasing urbanization, growing personal affluence and emergence of the mortgage lending market in the past decade. However, China's real estate market has not evaded the recent world financial crisis. For the U.S investors, is this a good opportunity to invest in one of the hottest emerging markets? How much do we need to know about the general real estate investment environment in China? What is the best way to step into the Chinese market? Is there any alternative route that is different from what has been done before?

Camille Douglas: (Moderator) Adjunct Associate Professor, the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate.
John F. Tsui:  President of Peninsula House, LLC
Jay Harron:  Senior Vice President of Equity International
Guy A. Metcalfe:  Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Real Estate Investment Banking
Chris Taube:  Director, Aetos Capital
Bill Brothers:  Partner, Interactive Development Associates, LLC
Ruifen Xu:  Portfolio investment manager, Dow Corporate Pension

Panel 1B: Challenges and Opportunities in China Healthcare

This panel will assess the China healthcare landscape and research and commercial opportunities / risks in the life sciences. What is the outlook for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in China against the backdrop of the global economic downturn and China’s impending health reform plan? What role will Chinese laboratories play in the drug discovery & development? What is the opportunity for U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies to gain a substantial share of the Chinese pharmaceutical market? What are the most promising early-stage investment opportunities (and risks) in the life sciences sector in China?

Professor Cliff Cramer: (Moderator) Director, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program, Columbia Business School
Edward Hu:  Chief Operating Officer, WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.
Jonathan P. Northrup:  Chief Operating Officer of Jubilant Innovation, Ltd.
Mingde Xia, PhD:  Senior Director at Corporate Office of Science and Technology
of Johnson & Johnson

Rachel Zhang:  Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Panel 2A:Capital Markets and Investments

The Capital Markets and Investment panel will look into the latest issues and topics surrounding the Chinese capital markets. Panelists will provide their insights on the current investment opportunities in China and the impact that foreign investments have had on the Chinese markets. We will also discuss different investment opportunities for QDIIs and QFIIs. Finally as China is evolving into a more mature economy, we will discuss the importance of corporate governance in Chinese markets and what lies ahead..

Wei Jiang: (Moderator) Professor of Finance, Columbia Business School
Greg Freihofner:  Partner, Hickey Freihofner Capital
Shengbei Guo: Chief Investment Officer, Galleon Quantitative
Joe Zou: Principal, Taconic Capital Advisors LP
Jiayi Li: President, Access Pointe

Alec Li: Vice President, Pali Capital

Panel 2B: Entrepreneurship in China

The goal  of this panel is to promote awareness of the entrepreneur opportunities in China, help business students and professionals understand the risk factors and identify ways to manage the risks. Discussions will also cover important issues such as managing human capital, coping with government legislations/policies and coordinating oversea facilities operations.

Martin Cherkes: (Moderator) Associate Professor of Finance, Columbia Business School
Tom Groos:  Chairman and CEO Viking Corporation
Gary Cheng:  CEO USCHOOL Inc.
Alessandro Cavallera: Founder and Director of AJ Studio Management Ltd.
Xiaoping Xu: Vice President of New Oriental Education and Technology Group

Panel 3A: Private Equity / Venture Capital: Challenges, Opportunities and the 5-Year Outlook

This panel presents an outlook of the PE/VC industries over the next 5 years from the perspectives of both general and limited partners. Panelists from investment firms targeting the Greater China region will identify various risks and opportunities amidst the current economic environment. Please join us for a stimulating discussion probing the present and future prospects of investments in Chinese companies and entrepreneurs.

Daniel R. Mintz: (Moderator) Founding Managing Director, Olympus Capital Holdings Asia
Feng Deng:  Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital
Rodney J. Dillman: President, MassMutal International LLC
Gregory Mark Hill:  Managing Director, Trenwith Secuities
Ling Liu:  Managing Director, The Cathay Capital Group
Mike Strauss: Vice President, Institutional Sales, Westminster Securities

Panel 3B: China’s Position in the Global Value Chain

China’s economic development has so far been driven by its manufacturing base, and we believe by moving up the value chain, and becoming more competitive in R&D, branding and general innovation is crucial to China’s success in the future.

Donald E. Sexton: (Moderator) Professor of Marketing and Director of the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business, Columbia Business School
Roger McDonald:  Executive Director for Global Accounts, Xerox
Founder of Revitalization LLC
Liu, John: Co-Founder, Aubridge Partners, LLC
Glen Gilbert:  Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing Strategy, Lenovo
Matt Comyns:  Director of JL McGregor & C
Sarena Lin:  Principal, McKinsey & Company’s New York office and Managing Partner of the McKinsey Asia Center


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