Please contact Zack Wu or Rick Wei you have any questions. Thanks!

1. I am a non-Chinese student interested in China. Should I join the Greater China Society? Can I become an officer?

Absolutely YES. The Greater China Society (the club) is not a Chinese student only club. Currently, 30% of our club members are non-Chinese. The club opens its arms to all that are interested in Chinese culture, future development, and opportunities.

YES, all club members have the opportunity to become an officer for the club.

2. How are the officers elected? What need I do?

Each club officer has his or her specific job functions. To get a better understanding of what the functions are, please contact the respective club officers.

To become an officer of the club, the candidate must first send in his or her statement, which specifies the position that the candidate is running for, some personal information, and the benefits that the candidate will bring to the club. The statement will be posted online (on the club website) for all club members to see. This year, AVP elections will be held from September 18 to September 22, and the results will be published on September 23.

3. I am a non-business school student, can I join GCS?

, only Columbia University Business School students can join the club. However, if you are interested in what we do, please send an email to Evan Zhiran Zhou ( and we will add you to our club email list.

4. I am an undergrad student...can I join?

Please refer to question 3 above.

5. I am a non-member, but I am interested in the China Trip....

The China Trip is open to all Columbia University School students, but club members have priority signing up. The China Trip is limited to 35 students only. Member of the club will have the opportunity to sign up one week before other students. Non-members will receive an email from Chazen Office regarding the China Trip later this year.

6. What are the biggest events over the year?

Please refer to our website for upcoming and previous events.