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As participants in the Executives in Residence Program at Columbia Business School, a number of
senior executives from a wide range of industries augment the educational experience for students.

These leaders are recently retired or semiretired from one career and avidly pursue other activities
and boards. Among other projects, the executives counsel students on their academic and career
goals, lecture in class and advise clubs.

The program, established in 1977, is an extraordinary resource for students, faculty and staff and has
contributed significantly over the years to the strategic development of the School.

M. Leanne Lachman

Leanne Lachman is President of Lachman Associates, an independent
real estate consulting company. Previously, Ms. Lachman spent 13
years as a partner at Schroder Real Estate Associates, a boutique real
estate manager that was acquired by Lend Lease, a global institutional
investment manager, where she spent four years. Her early career was
with Real Estate Research Corporation, where she served as chief
executive officer. A highly sought after speaker and widely published
author of books and articles on the real estate industry, Ms. Lachman is
also a member of the Urban Land Institute and a governor of the Urban
Land Foundation, a director of Lincoln National Corporation and a
trustee of Liberty Property Trust. She received her BA from the University
of Southern California and her MA from Claremont Graduate University.
Areas of interest: real estate, global demographics, corporate
governance and offshoring.

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