Bernd Schmitt

Consumer Experience and Experiential Marketing: A Critical Review

Coauthor(s): Lia Zarantonello.


This chapter provides a critical review of the emerging field of consumer experience and experiential marketing.

Design/methodology/approach: We review definitions, perspectives, and key research areas on the topics of consumer experience, product and service experiences, off-line and online experiences, as well as consumption and brand experiences. We report empirical findings, seminal studies, and insight into the experience process (e.g., how consumers process experiential attributes, how they process experiences over time, and whether positive and negative experiences can co-occur). We present research on experiential dimensions, experiential themes, and the nature of extraordinary experiences.

Value/originality: The chapter provides value by discussing the key measurement and marketing management issues of experiential marketing and discusses the original issue whether it is rational for consumers to include experiences in their decision making.

Source: Review of Marketing Research
Exact Citation:
Schmitt, Bernd, and Lia Zarantonello. "Consumer Experience and Experiential Marketing: A Critical Review." Review of Marketing Research 10 (2013): 25-61.
Volume: 10
Pages: 25-61
Date: 2013