Donald Lehmann

Consumer Behavior and Y2K

Different theories, areas of substantive interest, and methods are needed to prevent consumer behavior from becoming increasingly isolated and of marginal relevance in market research. More progress will be made by focusing on relatively underresearched areas, such as: 1. focus on time, 2. the adaptive consumer, and 3. relevant dependent variables. Avenues for substantive focus include: 1. important decisions, 2. not just price and advertising, and 3. the impact of major events. Issues that arise with respect to the methods used to study consumer behavior include: 1. information versus statistical proof, 2. heterogeneity, and 3. method pluralism.

Source: Journal of Marketing
Exact Citation:
Lehmann, Donald. "Consumer Behavior and Y2K." Journal of Marketing 63, (Special Issue 1999): 14-18.
Volume: 63
Number: Special Issue
Pages: 14-18
Date: 1999