Elke Weber

“Constructing Preferences From Memory”

Coauthor(s): Eric Johnson.

Editors: Sarah Lichtenstein and Paul Slovic

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Our memories define who we are and what we do. Aside from a few preferences hardwired by evolution, they also define what we like and how we choose. In this chapter, we argue that our view of preference changes if conceptualized explicitly as the product of memory representations and memory processes. We draw on insights about the functions and operations of memory provided by cognitive psychology and social cognition to show that memory plays a crucial role in preference and choice. We examine memory processes in preference and choice at a more "micro" and process-oriented level than previous investigations into the role of memory processes, but at a level that is cognitive and functional, rather than computational. We suggest that a consideration of properties of memory representation and retrieval may provide a unifying explanatory framework for some seemingly disparate preference phenomena.

Source: The Construction of Preference
Exact Citation:
Weber, Elke, and Eric Johnson. "Constructing Preferences From Memory." In The Construction of Preference, 397-410. Ed. Sarah Lichtenstein and Paul Slovic. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Pages: 397-410
Place: New York
Date: 2006