Linda Green

The N-seasons S-servers loss system

Coauthor(s): Antony Svoronos.

We consider a class of loss systems with exponential service times and a Poisson arrival process with a rate that varies periodically among N levels called seasons. For two special cases, we derive transient and steady-state solutions and provide simple proofs that losses are minimized when the arrival rates for all seasons are equal. In the general case, we describe a straightforward procedure to derive the steady-state probabilities. We also prove that when S=1, the server is generally busier during the high arrival rate seasons.

Source: Naval Research Logistics
Exact Citation:
Svoronos, Antony, and Linda Green. "The N-seasons S-servers loss system." Naval Research Logistics 34, no. 4 (August 1987): 579-591.
Volume: 34
Number: 4
Pages: 579-591
Date: 8 1987