Rita McGrath

MarketBusters: Forty Strategic Moves that Fuel Exceptional Business Growth

Coauthor(s): Ian MacMillan.


If all firms face similar obstacles to profitable growth, how do some companies successfully burst through these barriers, leaving their competitors in the dust? Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan argue that an answer to this question lies in MarketBusters: strategic moves that dramatically reconfigure profit streams in an industry and upend conventional competition. Best of all, the authors say, opportunities for identifying and executing such moves can be unearthed throughout a company's existing business platform - if managers know where and how to look for them.

Based on an extensive three-year study, McGrath and MacMillan identify five arenas in which exceptional growth opportunities can be found: the customer experience, reconfigured offerings and services, key metrics, industry dynamics, and emerging market shifts. The authors outline forty specific marketbusting moves and provide practical tools and checklists to help leaders determine the best move to use in a given situation. Vivid company examples illustrate the moves in practice, and clear guidelines aid managers in implementing their chosen moves effectively.

Exact Citation:
McGrath, Rita, and Ian MacMillan. MarketBusters: Forty Strategic Moves that Fuel Exceptional Business Growth. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 2005.
Place: Cambridge, Mass.
Date: 2005