Nelson M. Fraiman
405A Uris Hall
Graduate School of Business
Columbia University
New York, N.Y. 10027
Phone: 212-854-2076
e-mail: [email protected]

Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
Graduate School of Business 1995-present
Management Science Division
Professor of Operations Management

Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research 1979-1995
Adjunct Professor.
Courses taught: Evaluation of Industrial Operations, Industrial Budgeting & Financial Controls, Industrial Economics and Production Management.
Obtained National Science Foundation grant with Professor Michael Pinedo to conduct research on production planning and scheduling.
Best Teacher Award in 1994

Rutgers University, Newark, N.J. 1973-1979
Graduate School of Business Administration
Department of Organization & Operations Management
Assistant Professor. Designed three new courses in the area of Operations Management.
Courses taught: Production & Operations Management, Control Models in Operations Management, Planning Models in Operations Management, Quality Control.

Columbia University, New York, N.Y. 1976-1979
Department of Economics
Visiting Assistant Professor. Course taught: Introduction to Accounting & Finance.

New York Institute of Technology, New York, N.Y. 1972-1973
Department of Industrial Engineering Technology
Designed new courses in Managerial Economics and Operations Management. Courses taught: Industrial Economics, Quality Control & Production Management

Columbia University, New York, NY

Ph.D. 1977
M. Phil 1974
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Industrial & Management Engineering

M.B.A. 1971
Graduate School of Business

M.S. 1969
B.S. 1968
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Industrial & Management Engineering

International Paper New York, N.Y. 1978 - 1995
Manufacturing Technical Services - Technology Division 1993 - 1995
Chief Technical Officer for eight manufacturing divisions. Sales are in excess of three billion dollars. 1994 technology initiatives produced more than $45MM in profit opportunities. Spearheaded effort to run plants continuously. Implemented optimal work force deployment that increased profits by $1.2MM - $ 1.6MM per plant Established information strategy for manufacturing divisions. Directed throughput improvement effort in 20 plants. Output increased by 18 - 30%.

Converting Process Technology - Process Technology Department 1992 - 1993
Responsible for providing engineering consulting for the manufacturing divisions. Led operating division turnarounds through the creation and implementation of process improvement initiatives with estimated annual savings of $25MM. Built alliances with vendors, manufacturing partners, and consultants for the co- development of manufacturing systems which has reduced waste by 25%. Implemented maintenance reviews at 17 plants. Uptime increased by 15 - 20%.

Operations Analysis & Engineering - Product Development Department 1986 - 1992
Developed and managed group from one person to 45 professionals responsible for productivity improvement, process innovation, and the development of engineering and management talent for an organization with $3.2 billion in sales. Responsible for providing industrial engineering and operations research direction and support. Re-engineered product development processes to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost control. Time from idea to commercialization was reduced from 4 to 2.5 years. Led set-up reduction efforts in 12 plants. Cycle time was reduced by 35-50%. Established an innovative program for the identification, recruitment, development, and retention of outstanding engineering talent from major universities. The program's success was reported in the New York Times.

Corporate Productivity Improvement Task Force 1984 - 1986
Full time member of a team which developed strategies and methods for improving company operations through more effective resource management. Steered company effort in the development and implementation of Quality Management programs. Basic course made mandatory for 6,400 exempt employees who participated in a fifteen month period. Received International Paper President's Award for excellent performance.

Corporate Education - Human Resources Division 1982 - 1984
Responsible for the direction of all educational activities for the company. Directed the development, training and logistical support for 84 course offerings in all functional areas. Overall enrollment was over 2,600. Cultivated training culture by involving senior management in instructional roles.

Financial Education - Auditing Division 1978 - 1982
Responsible for the direction, development and coordination of corporate-wide education and training activities for the financial function. Supervised 80 instructors in over 25 locations. Institutionalized communication program to provide feedback to senior financial managers on employees' concerns. Created 8 course 2 year program in accounting and financial management. Program was mandatory for all professional hires. Grades formed 20% of participants' performance evaluation.

Columbia University 1977 - present
Columbia University Seminar on Organization & Management
Associate Member

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, N.J. 1990 - present
Member of Advisory Board to Industrial Engineering Department

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 1989 - 1992 Operations Management Department
Member of Advisory Board to Operations Management Department

The Journal of Productivity Analysis 1988 - 1992
Kluwer Academic Publishers Boston, MA.
Associate Editor

National Science Foundation 1990
Directorate for Engineering Washington, D.C.

Columbia University 1987 - 1988
Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Industrial Engineering Senior Design Project, Faculty Advisor

Institute of Management Sciences 1975 - 1978
Correspondent for Management Science Roundup, Interfaces

Columbia University 1969 - 1975
University Seminar on the Development of Pre-Industrial Areas
Associate Member

Columbia University 1969 - 1971 University Senate. Elected to the first University Senate from the graduate student body of the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Served on the Budget, Physical Development and Planning, and Library Committees.

"BPSS: A Scheduling Support System for the Packaging Industry,"Operations Research, Vol. 41, No.4,July-August 1993. (Co-author with L.B. Adler, E. Kobacker and M.L. Pinedo). pp.641 - 648.

"On the Architecture of a Prototype Scheduling System," Proceedings of the 1993 NSF Design and Manufacturing Systems Conference. Vol. I. January 6-8, 1993. (Co-author with M. L. Pinedo and B. Yen). pp.835-839.

"Scheduling Algorithms for Flexible Flow Lines," Proceedings of the 1992 NSF Design and Manufacturing Systems Conference. Atlanta. January 1992. (Co-author with M.L. Pinedo).

"The Productivity Improvement Process (PIP): International Paper's Initiatives to Transform a Manufacturing Organization," Manufacturing Strategy: The Research Agenda for the Next Decade. John Ettlie, editor, Kluwer, 1990. (Co-author with D.J. Colley, J.T. Dillon & G. A. Enk).

"An Expert System for Scheduling in a Liquid Packaging Plant," Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on Expert Systems and the Leading Edge in Production and Operations Management. South Carolina. May 21 - 24 1989. (Co-author with L.B. Adler & M. L. Pinedo). pp. 505 - 518.

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"Structural Properties and Algorithms for Flow Line Scheduling," Technical Report to National Science Foundation. July 1994. (Co-author with M. L. Pinedo).

Conference on Current Issues in Productivity. Rutgers University. Graduate School of Management. Session Chairman. December 16 - 18, 1991.

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Symposium on Operations Research and Productivity in Manufacturing, Columbia University. October 13, 1989. Program Co-chairman. Symposium on Production Planning and Scheduling, Columbia University. November 13, 1987. Program Co-chairman.

Conference on Current Issues in Productivity. Rutgers University. Graduate School of Management. Session Chairman. December 9 - 11, 1987.

"Management Science in Forestry: An Overview," TIMS/ORSA. Joint National Meeting. San Francisco. May 1984. (Co-author wit N. Finger & Z. Stern).

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"Entrepreneurial Planning in a Large Organization," AIIE, November 1980. New York.

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"Some Aspects of Probabilistic Network-Cost Models," ORSA/TIMS, April 1, 1976. Joint National Meeting, Philadelphia. (Also as Working Paper Series # 76-13. Rutgers University).

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