Peter John Kolesar

408 Uris Hall
Graduate School of Business
Columbia University
New York, New York 10027
Phone: (212) 854-4105
Fax: (212) 316-9180
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Ph.D., 1964 Columbia University, Faculty of Pure Science,
Major in Operations Research
Dissertation: Optimal Control Limit Replacement Rules Under Markovian Deterioration

M.S., 1962 (Industrial Engineering), Columbia University
School of Engineering and Applied Science

B.S., 1959 (Industrial Engineering), Columbia University
School of Engineering and Applied Science

A.B., 1959 (Mathematics and Physics), Queens College (CUNY), Flushing, New York

Professor (Management Science Division), Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, (joint appointment as Professor of Operations Research in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.) Teaching courses in quality management, operations research, statistics, production and operations management and computing. Current research on operations strategy, implementation of quality management, queuing theory and its applications to service system management and other applications of OR/MS and statistics. Has been a member of the University Senate, the Committee on Instruction of the Business School and the Business School's Curriculum Review (Redesign) Committee.


Consultation on Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control. Consultation on all aspects of quality management, quality improvement, and statistical process control. This work has ranged from assisting in setting corporate or divisional quality strategies, agendas and programs, through detailed analyses of specific production or service processes, through design and delivery of quality management and SQC training programs. Clients have included Alcoa, Allied Signal, American Express, AT&T, Balamundi International (Belgium), Boise-Cascade, Chase Manhattan Bank, Church & Dwight, Citicorp, Corning, Hoechst/Celanese, International Paper, Johnson and Johnson, Lehigh University, Medco Containment (Merck), Microsoft, Nestle Foods (USA), Ralston Purina Gallina Blanca (Spain), Thyssen Steel USA, The U.S. Army and Xerox.

Consultant on Quality Strategy and Implementation to Medco Containment Services (Merck/Medco). Working largely with the Medco's President and Vice President of Quality, this work focused on identifying the most critical performance issues in Medco's pharmacies, defining appropriate measurements for those issues, and propelling management action on a quality improvement agenda. Supervision of a number of significant quality improvement projects. Design of quality measurement and assurance systems for automated dispensing facilities. An overarching imperative was to link the quality effort to the business plan and strategy. An internal Baldrige based "Quality Eagle Award" was co-designed by me and I served as chief outside judge.

Examiner, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Participated in the evaluation of six applicants for the Baldrige Award. Provided feedback for revision of the Baldrige framework.

Consultant in Quality Management to Alcoa, the Aluminum Company of America. This effort included working intensively with the senior management including the CEO, COO, and the Management Committee to set and deploy a corporate quality policy and mission statement, and to develop corporate quality systems and goals. The work dealt with both managerial and technical issues at all levels of the corporation from the executive offices to the mill floor. Consultation with the senior management of Alcoa-Brazil and Alcoa Australia. Developed and delivered a training program on quality awareness, planning and problem solving for Alcoa's 350 most senior executives. Consultation on specific quality problems. Training on problem-solving techniques. A paper describing the early phases of this project has been published in the California Management Review.

Lead Statistical Consultant to the International Paper Company on quality improvement and process control in all aspects of their business ranging from timber harvesting through paper making to container converting. Presentations to all levels of management. Design of statistical process control and quality improvement training programs. Direction of demonstration quality improvement projects.

Summer 1982
Consultant to the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, performed an influential analysis of the feasibility of one officer police patrol cars in New York City. (Several technical papers have been published in the management science literature on this work.)

Spring 1979
Consultant (Resident Visitor) to the Operations Research Department, Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, N.J. Research on applications of search and screening to problems in medicine and mineral exploration. Consultation on problems in credit evaluation, capacity utilization, and inventory management. The credit evaluation project was implemented by most of the then AT&T operating telephone companies and a paper describing this project was awarded 2nd prize at the TIMS 1981 Practice of Management Science Competition. (A technical paper has been published on this work.)

Consultant to the Special Deputy Controller for the City of New York (reporting to the Emergency Financial Control Board). Statistical and economic analysis of New York City revenues and expenditures, long and short term forecasting, model building, analysis of payrolls, manpower, welfare caseloads, etc.

Consultant to the Institute of Computer Sciences of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City. Participated in a program of instruction and research on the use of mathematics, statistics and computers in medicine sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. Developed a procedure for improved visual field screening for the detection of glaucoma using a computerized analysis of detailed statistics of visual defects in early glaucoma patients. (Several papers have been published in the medical and management science literature on this work, and it has, in turn, been the foundation for commercial implementation of computer driven glaucoma diagnosis.)

General Statistical Consulting: Design of experi-ments, analysis and presentation of statistical data in various fields, including statistical process control, credit screening, fraud detection, demo-graphics, economics, market research, sensory testing, biomedical clinical trials of pharmaceuticals, and other applications. Clients include: MPI-Sensory Testing, Elmhurst Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, The State of New York, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, National Planning Data Corporation, The Rand Corporation, Lederle Laboratories, American Express, USV Pharmaceuticals, Marion Laboratories, International Paper, Chemical Bank, AT&T.

Statistical Analysis in Litigation: analysis, preparation of exhibits, and testimony in support of litigation in employment discrimination and contract compliance cases. Clients include: American Airlines, Trans-World Airways, United Airlines, AT&T, The U.S. Department of Justice, The City of New York, United Telecommunications, Sperry Rand, Weyman-Gordon Corporation, Hofstra University, Stroh Breweries, The Jostens Corporation, The N. Y. State Attorney General.

General MS/OR Consulting, quantitative analysis on a wide variety of managerial and design problems, employing mathematical optimization, decision analysis, simulation, queueing theory and other methods. Clients have included Balamundi Inter-national (Belgium), Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Coats and Clarke's, The Port of Los Angeles, The City of New York, The Elmhurst Hospital Center, American Express, International Paper, Citicorp, Lindenmeyer Paper, Baldwin Technologies.

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, The City College (CUNY). Taught courses in urban systems analysis, linear programming and optimization, and systems simulation. Responsible for the design and administration of a new Masters Degree in Urban Engineering. Member of the Executive Committee of the Center of Urban and Environmental problems.

Consultant and Senior Analyst. The New York City --Rand Institute. Responsible for major research projects in the following areas: health care delivery systems, deployment of fire-fighting resources, police patrol allocation, and municipal refuse collection. This work has resulted in the development and imple-mentation of major planning tools for operating agencies of the New York City government, which in turn have led to significant operating changes in several agencies: Thousands of excess beds were eliminated or changed to other uses in HHC hospitals, patrol car assignments were changed throughout New York City, and the basic response policy of the Fire Department has been keyed to the potential seriousness of the received alarm. In addition, the number and location of fire engines was greatly changed in key regions of the City. A prize-winning paper (joint with other members of the project) describing the latter application was presented at the May 1974 meeting of ORSA and TIMS. A key contributor to the design of a computerized fire engine dis-patching system now in operation in New York City. (This work has resulted in many publications in the research literature and was awarded the 1975 Lanchester Prize of the Operations Research Society of America and the 1976 NATO Systems Science Prize.)

Associate Professor of Operations Research School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University. Division of Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Operations Research (Assistant Professor, 1965-69) Taught courses in probability, statistics, reliability, queueing, operations research, mathematical programming and applications. Member, Task Force on Bioengineering, Committee on Environmental Science and Engineering.

Professor Agregé Invité, Département d'Informatiqué Faculté des Sciences, Université de Montréal. Teaching graduate courses in stochastic processes and quality control (in French)

Summer 1968
Visiting Senior Research Engineer, Western Electric Engineering Research Center, Princeton, N.J. Theoretical and applied research on problems in manufacturing systems reliability and maintenance.

Consultant to Market Research Corporation of America. Statistical analysis, experimental design, and forecasting on a variety of market research problems

Consultant to MATHEMATICA, Inc., Princeton, N.J. Applications of linear and integer programming to large industrial scheduling and control problems. Development of computer codes for the assignment and knapsack problems. Reliability and system safety model and algorithm development. Statistical analysis for litigation support. Clients included American Can Company, Nabisco, Olivetti, the U.S. Army, Citicorp.

Visiting Lecturer in Operations Research, Imperial College, University of London, England. Taught courses in mathematical programming, statistical quality control, and computer applications.

Summer 1963-64
Instructor in Engineering Statistics and Applied Engineering Mathematics, Columbia University.

Systems Analyst, Procter and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Responsible for the design, evaluation and implementation of a feed-back based inventory and production control plan for a major product division. Applications of statistics and operations research to marketing and distribution problems. Project supervision.

Summer 1958
Engineering Assistant, Systems Analysis Department, Long Island Lighting Company, Hicksville, New York. Participated in generation of forecasts of peak hour electricity demand, field testing of station efficiency, and generator scheduling.

The 1975 Lanchester Prize, awarded by the Operations Research Society of America for the best English language paper in operations research, for the paper, "An Algorithm for the Dynamic Relocation of Fire Companies" (with W. Walker).

The 1976 NATO Systems Science Award for the paper "Improving the Deployment of NYC Fire Engines" with E. Ignall et al which also was awarded 2nd Prize in the 1974 Practice of Management Science Prize Competition.

The 1974 Edelman Prize for the Practice of Managment Science (2nd Prize) for a body of work on the optimal deployment of fire engines. Joint with colleagues from the NYC-Rand Fire Project.

Boese Fellow, Columbia University, 1962-1963.

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Editor-at-Large, Interfaces, 1982-present.

Member of the Editorial Review Board, The Quality Management Journal

Associate Editor, Technology and Operations Review, 1994-

Editor for Public Sector Applications, Management Science, 1975-1978, Associate Editor 1978-1985.

Associate Editor, Operations Research, 1978-1983.

Participant in the Visiting Lectures Program of the Operations Research Society of America 1975-1982.

Member of the Council of the Operations Research Society 1980-1983.

Member of the Jury for the International Prize for the Practice of Management Science, 1982-1987 and 1992.

National Representative, U.S. Delegate to the 1981 IFORS Conference, Hamburg, Germany, July, 1981. Gave the U.S. National Presentation "Ten Years of Research on the Logistics of Emergency Services."

Member, NATO Advanced Research Institute on Non-linear Programming, Summer 1964, Menton, France.

Member, NATO Advanced Research Institue on Engineering Applications of Theory of Extreme Values, Summer 1967, Faro, Portugal.

Member, NATO Advanced Research Institute on Education in System Science, Winter 1978, Gras-Ellenbach, Germany.

Member, NATO Advance Research Institute on Search Theory, Praixa de la Rocha, Portugal, Spring 1979.

Exchange Scientist, Visited the U.S.S.R. on the invitation of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and gave a series of lectures on mathematical programming applications to urban problems in Moscow, Leningrad, and Baku during the Summer of 1973.

Member of the U.S. Delegation to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Conference on Urban and Regional Systems, Laxenburg, Austria, August 1973.

Chairman, 1973-1975, The Friends of Optimization, a group of researchers and practitioners from the greater New York Metropolitan Region actively interested in the practice and theory of optimization.

Chairman of the Municipal Services Session, at the Fall 1974 Joint ORSA/TIMS meetings in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Chairman of the O.R in Law Enforcement Session at the Fall 1976 Joint ORSA/TIMS meetings in Miami.

Chairman of the Simulation-Optimization Interface Session at the Fall 1978 Joint ORSA/TIMS meetings in Los Angeles.

Chairman of the Public Sector Applications Session at the Spring 1981 Joint ORSA/TIMS Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Chairman of the Public Systems Sessions of the TIMS International Meeting, Copenhagen, June 1984.

Member of the National Academy of Sciences Review Panel for IIASA, 1978-1982.

Chairman of the 1978 Lanchester Prize Committee of ORSA.

Member of the 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1985 Management Science Achievement Award juries.

Member of the National Demonstration Project on the Use of Industrial Quality Control in Health Care.

Member of the 1991 and 1992 Joint Industry/University Quality Forum Steering Committees.

Examiner for the 1990 and 1991 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards.

Member design team, Steering Committee and Research Council for the 3rd and 4th Quality Forums, a series of joint industry/university efforts to enhance the adoption of TQM in U.S. universities.

Member of the National Academy of Sciences Review Panel for the "Transformations to Quality Organizations Research Program, 1994.

Member of Business Excellence Council IV of the Conference Board, 1997- present

Reading knowledge of French, German, and Spanish. Conversational French.



Participated in algorithm design and functional specification setting for elements of New York City's emergency service response system (911).

Institute of Management Science
Operations Research Society of America
American Statistical Association
SIGMAP, the Special Interest Group in Mathematical Programming of the Association of Computing Machinery
Alpha Pi Mu
American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow).
American Society for Quality Control.

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A. Swersey, "Models for Reducing Fire Engines Response Times," Columbia University, 1972 (Jointly supervised with E. Ignall).

R. Ahmed, "An Inventory Problem in Retailing," Columbia University, 1982.

1978-1980 Member, Committee on Instruction, Columbia Business School. The main faculty governance committee of the school.

1982-1984 Member, University Senate. The main faculty governance body of the University. Served on the Faculty Affairs subcommittee, the body dealing with issues of promotion, tenure and faculty rights and obligations. Also served on the Special Committee on Faculty Benefits.

1990-1993 Informal advisor to the University administration on implementation of Total Quality Management.

1991-1992 Member, Curriculum Review Committee of the Business School. This group designed the fundamental version of the MBA core curriculum. This work involved significant outreach to alumni, recruiters and students and benchmarking of other institutions.

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TEACHING CASES in Statistics and Quality Management:
"Pluto Fornax," March, 1991.
"The Plastron Division," April, 1992.
"Artsy Corporation: An Allegation of Sex Discrimination," April, 1992.
"The Bodfish Farm: A Forestry Cruise," November, 1992.
"The Wichita Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign," November, 1993.
"Maileze Services, A," February, 1994.
"The Height of Quality: The Steinway Piano String Project," March, 1994.
"Intergalactica Papelco Ltd., Estimating Tree Heights," October, 1994.
"Ogbue Manufacturing Incorporated," November, 1995.
"Maileze Services; B," December, 1995.
"The Bestco Safety Data," September, 1996

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