list of publications

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list of Working Papers

"Should Hospitals Keep Their Patients Longer? The Role of Inpatient Care in Reducing Post-Discharge Mortality," March 2016 (with Carri W. Chan, and Song-Hee Kim)

“Paid Family Leave, Fathers’ Leave-Taking, and Leave-Sharing in Dual-Earner Households,” NBER Working Paper No. 21747, November 2015 (with Maya Rossin-Slater, Christopher Ruhm, Jenna Stearns and Jane Waldfogel), under review.

list of Columbia CaseWorks cases

Onyx Pharmaceuticals: HR-Driven Change (2015)

Betterment: Managing a Start-up’s HR Challenges (2014)

New York City Teacher Incentive Program: Agreeing on a Plan (2012) (with Jonah Rockoff and Lesley Turner)

Compensation Plans at Pearson & Daye Securities (2009) (with Maria Guadalupe)

MacAfee Building Supply: Improving Performance Across Retail Stores (2009) (with Maria Guadalupe, Andrew Neely, and Rachel Griffith)

Texas PetroChemical: Designing an Effective Incentive Program (2008) (with Maria Guadalupe)

The DaimlerChrysler Merger: Why Didn't It Succeed? (2008) (with Maria Guadalupe)