Ongoing Papers

"The Arrival of Fast Internet and Skilled Job Creation in Africa," working paper, with Jonas Poulsen
Interlinked Firms and the Consequences of Piecemeal Regulation,” working paper, with Chris Hansman and Gianmarco Leon
“Universal Investment in Infants and Long-run Health”, working paper, with Mikkel Sølvsten and Miriam Wüst
“Fiscal Capacity and Tax Revenues”, work in progress, with Miguel Almunia and Francois Gerard
“The Static and Dynamic Allocation of Jobs”, work in progress, with Tarek Ghani and Sylvan Herskowitz
“Determinants and Consequences of Firm Growth in Liberia”, work in progress


Ethnic Divisions and Production in Firms,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 129, no. 4, 1899-1946, November 2014
   -Online Theoretical Appendix
  -Winner of the 2013 CESifo Prize for best paper in Applied microeconomics
-Earlier versions: CDEP-­‐CGEG working paper 006, CESifo working paper 444
“Pre-Colonial Culture, Post-Colonial Economic Success? The Tswana and the African Economic Miracle,” The Economic History Review, vol. 63:3, 688-709, Aug. 2010