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Measuring the Impacts of Teachers

Paper Website

NBER working paper

"Measuring the Impacts of Teachers I: Evaluating Bias in Teacher Value-Added Estimates," (with Raj Chetty and John Friedman), American Economic Review, September 2014, 104(9): 2593-2632

"Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood," (with Raj Chetty and John Friedman), American Economic Review, September 2014, 104(9): 2533-2679

"Measuring the Impacts of Teachers: Reply to Rothstein," (with Raj Chetty and John Friedman), American Economic Review, June 2017, 107(6): 1685-1717

Research on Teachers


"Teacher Applicant Hiring and Teacher Performance: Evidence from DC Public Schools," (with Brian Jacob, Eric Taylor, Benjamin Lindy and Rachel Rosen) Journal of Public Economics, October 2018, 166:81-97

"Value-Added Modeling: A Review," (with Cory Koedel and Kata Mihaly). Economics of Education Review, August 2015, 47:180-195

"Teacher Effects and Teacher-Related Policies," (with C. Kirabo Jackson and Douglas O. Staiger) Annual Review of Economics, 2014, Vol. 6

"Information and Employee Evaluation: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in Public Schools" (with Douglas O. Staiger, Thomas J. Kane, and Eric S. Taylor), American Economic Review, December 2012, 102(7): 3184-3213

"Worker Absence and Productivity: Evidence from Teaching" (with Mariesa Herrmann), Journal of Labor Economics, October 2012, Vol. 30, No. 4: 749-782

"Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One?" (with Brian Jacob, Thomas Kane, and Douglas Staiger), Education Finance and Policy, 2011, 6(1): 43-74

"Searching for Effective Teachers with Imperfect Information " (with Douglas Staiger), Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2010, 24(3): pp. 97-118

"Subjective and Objective Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness: Evidence from New York City" (with Cecilia Speroni), Labour Economics, 2011, 18: 687-696

"Subjective and Objective Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness" (with Cecilia Speroni), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 100(2): 261–66, this is the shorter verison of the Labour Economics article

"What Does Certification Tell Us About Teacher Effectiveness? Evidence from New York City" (with Thomas Kane and Douglas Staiger), Economics of Education Review, 2008, 27(6),615-631

"The Narrowing Gap in New York City Teacher Qualifications and its Implications for Student Achievement in High-Poverty Schools," (with Donald Boyd, Hamilton Lankford, Susanna Loeb, and James Wyckoff) Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2008, 27(4), 793-818

"The Impact of Individual Teachers on Student Achievement: Evidence from Panel Data," American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2004.

Working Papers

"Does Mentoring Reduce Turnover and Improve Skills of New Employees? Evidence from Teachers in New York City,"

Research on Public Schools

"The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations"(with Thomas S. Dee, Will Dobbie, and Brian A. Jacob), forthcoming in American Economic Review
-Early Draft from 2011

"Fifty Ways to Leave A Child Behind: Idiosyncrasies and Discrepancies in States' Implementation of NCLB," (with Elizabeth Davidson, Randall Reback, and Heather L. Schwartz), forthcoming, Educational Researcher

"Under Pressure: Job Security, Resource Allocation, and Productivity in Schools Under NCLB" (with Randall Reback and Heather Schwartz), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy , 2014, 6(3): 207-41
- NCLB Data Available Here:

"School Segregation, Educational Attainment and Crime: Evidence from the End of Busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg," (with Stephen Billings and David J. Deming), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2014, 129(1): 435-476

"Organizing Schools to Improve Student Achievement: Start Times, Grade Configurations, And Teaching Assignments" (with Brian Jacob) The Hamilton Project, September 2011

"Stuck in the Middle: Impacts of Grade Configuration in Public Schools" (with Benjamin B. Lockwood), Journal of Public Economics, 2010 94(11-12): 1051-1061.

"Short Run Impacts of Accountability on School Quality" (with Lesley J. Turner), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2010, 2(4): 119-147

"Field Experiments in Class Size from the Early Twentieth Century," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2009, 23(4): 211-230

Working Papers

"School Principals and School Performance" (with Damon Clark and Paco Martorell)

"The Impact of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: A Study of Students Who Attend Schools Chartered by the Chicago Charter School Foundation" (with Caroline M. Hoxby); Executive Summary


Other Research

"Do Menstrual Problems Explain Gender Gaps in Absenteeism and Earnings? Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey" (with Mariesa Herrmann), Labour Economics, 2013, 24:12-22

"Does Menstruation Explain Gender Gaps in Work Absenteeism?" (with Mariesa Herrmann), Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2012, vol. 47, no. 493-508

"Do Sex Offender Registration and Notifications Laws Affect Criminal Behavior?" (with JJ Prescott), Journal of Law and Economics, 2011, 54(1): 161-206

"Local Response to Fiscal Incentives in Heterogeneous Communities," Journal of Urban Economics, 2010, 68(2): 138-147

Estimates of the Impact of Crime Risk on Property Values from Megan's Laws (with Leigh Linden), American Economic Review, 2008, 98(3), 1103-1127


Case Studies

"Walt Disney's Sale of ABC Radio: Structuring a Tax-Efficient Divestiture" (with Ira Weiss)


-Link to abstract on Columbia Caseworks