“Solutions Manual to Accompany Contract Theory” (with Arthur Campbell, Florian Ederer and Johannes Spinnewijn), MIT Press, September 2007.

“The Compatibility of Israeli Criminal Law to the Crimes in the Rome Statute of the Criminal Court and to The German Code of Crimes against International Law (CCAIL)” (with Mordechai Kremnitzer),
in National Prosecution of International Crimes (edited by The Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law). Berlin, 2005.

Working papers

Corporate Governance Law: Firm Heterogeneity and the
Market for Corporate Domicile

Debt Covenants and Capital Structure: Evidence from an Exogenous Shock to Debt Capacity”(with Sharon Katz, and Gil Sadka)

“Secret Lending and Stigma: Theory and Evidence from The Federal Reserve’s Lending Facilities”

Estimation of A Dynamic Oligopoly Entry Game in the US Airline Industry: The Effects of Hubs and LCC

“Federal Appeals: Selection, Outcome and Predictability”

Work in progress

“The Benefits of Sox: Evidence from Cross Listed Foreign Firms” (with Daniel Gottlieb and Bruno Funchal)

“Momentum and Reversals” (with Arthur Campbell)

“Social Networks: Personal Value and Contagion”

“Choice of Law and Sovereign Debt Spreads” (with Gur Huberman)

“Small Probabilities and Yields” (with Daniel Gottlieb)

Working papers: Law (Hebrew)

“An Inquiry into the Criminal Regulation of Crimes of Threats and Blackmail: A Proposal for Legal Reform” (with Mordechai Kremnitzer).

“The Nature of the Causality Requirement in Torts and its Implications for the Calculation of Damages”