Published Discussion
Working Papers
Older Working Papers
  • "Optimal Interest-Rate Rules: I. General Theory" (with Michael Woodford), NBER Working Paper no. 9419, December 2002. (Pdf file)
  • "Optimal Interest-Rate Rules: II. Applications" (with Michael Woodford), NBER Working Paper no. 9420, December 2002. (Pdf file)
  • "Real Effects of Money and Monetary Policy Strategies in a Business Cycle Model with Financial Intermediaries," Princeton University, August 1997.
  • "Seasonal Comovements in Money and Transactions" (with Andreas M. Fischer). Swiss National Bank, July 1995.
  • "Does Money Growth No Longer Affect Inflation?" Swiss National Bank, October 1994.
PhD Dissertation
Work in Progress
  • "Optimal Target Criteria and Model Uncertainty: A Robustness Analysis"
  • "News and DSGE Models in a Data-Rich Environment"
  • "Executive Compensation as a Source of Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Quantitative Analysis," (with John Donaldson and Maria Guadalupe)
  • "Executive Compensation, Riskiness of Investment Projects and Business Cycles Fluctuations," (with John Donaldson)
  • "Macroeconomic Comovement in an Estimated DSGE Model," (with Stefano Eusepi and Bruce Preston)
Selected Discussions and Conference Presentations
Data, Programs, and Notes for Numerical Computations
  • "Optimal Inflation Targeting Rules" (with Michael Woodford), August 2003: Matlab programs (zip file) and detailed notes for numerical computations.