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Academic Positions

Columbia University, Graduate School of Business
  David W. Zalaznick Associate Professor of Business (without tenure), 2015-
  Affiliated appointment with Department of Economics, 2009-
  Associate Professor of Economics (without tenure), 2013-2015


Assistant Professor of Economics, 2009-2013
University of Warwick, Department of Economics, Associate Professor, 2013-


Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 2004-2009
  Dissertation: Essays on Relational Contracts
Advisors: Benjamin Hermalin, Steven Tadelis, and Shachar Kariv
Licentiate in Economics (with honors), Universidad del Cema, Argentina, 1998-2001

Editorial Positions and Affiliations

Associate Editor, Theoretical Economics, 2015-
Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies, 2014-
Research Affiliate, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), 2013-

Working Papers

“Fiscal Rules and Discretion in a World Economy,” with Pierre Yared

“Contests for Experimentation,” with Navin Kartik and Qingmin Liu
Revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy

“Managerial Attention and Worker Performance,” with Andrea Prat
Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review

“Optimal Contracts for Experimentation,” with Navin Kartik and Qingmin Liu
Revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies


“Investing in a Relationship”
RAND Journal of Economics, 46(1), 165-185, 2015

“Fiscal Rules and Discretion under Persistent Shocks,” with Pierre Yared
Econometrica, 82(5), 1557-1614, 2014 (lead article)

“Relationship Building: Conflict and Project Choice over Time
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 30(4), 683-708, 2014

“Relational Contracts and the Value of Relationships”
American Economic Review, 102(2), 750-779, 2012

“Financial Globalization, Crises, and Contagion,” with Sergio Schmukler and Pablo Zoido-Lobaton
In A. Morales (Ed.), International Macroeconomics: Recent Developments, Nova Science Publishers, 2006

“Distributional Effects of Crises: The Financial Channel,” with Sergio Schmukler
Economia, 5(1), 1-67, 2004 (lead article)

Honors, Fellowships, and Awards

Oliver E. Williamson Prize for Best Article in JLEO, runner-up, 2014
Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review, 2012, 2014
Columbia Business School Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence in a Core Course, 2011
Graduate Division Summer Grant, UC Berkeley, 2008
Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2007–2008
Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, UC Berkeley, 2007
Graduate Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2007
Academic Progress Award, UC Berkeley, 2007
Grace Katagiri Prize for best empirical econometrics paper, Dept. of Economics, UC Berkeley, 2006
First-year fellowship, Dept. of Economics, UC Berkeley, 2004–2005
Four-year scholarship, Universidad del Cema, 1998–2001

Teaching Experience

MBA: Game Theory and Business, Columbia Business School, 2010-2015
Ph.D.: Teaching Assistant for Game Theory, Contract Theory, and Macroeconomic Theory, UC Berkeley, 2005-2007

Professional Experience

The World Bank, Development Research Group, Consultant, Washington D.C., 2002–2004
McKinsey and Company, Business Information Specialist, Argentina, 2000–2001

Seminar Presentations

Hebrew University (2015); Tel Aviv (2015); Edinburgh (2015); Columbia Law School (2015); Toulouse (2014); MIT Sloan (2014); EUI (2014); Bonn (2014); Mannheim (2014); Munich (2014); Aalto-Helsinki (2014); LBS (2014); UCL (2014); PSE-Roy Seminar (2014); Harvard-MIT (2013); CEU (2013); Chicago Booth (2013); Kellogg M&S (2013); UT Austin (2013); Warwick (2013); Columbia GSB (2012); Haas (2012); Columbia (2012); MIT Sloan (2012); Michigan State (2012); Rochester Simon (2012); UBC Sauder (2011); Queen’s GSB (2011); Georgetown (2011); Toulouse (2010); Harvard-MIT (2010); WashU (2009); NYU Stern (2009); Duke-Fuqua-UNC (2009); UCLA (2009); Caltech (2009); Yale SOM (2009); Columbia GSB (2009); Toronto (2009); UPenn (2009); Chicago Booth (2009); Olin (2009); MIT Sloan (2009); LSE (2009); Northwestern (2009); Kellogg M&S (2009); USC Marshall (2009); Haas (2008); Berkeley (2008).

Conference Presentations

SAET Conference (2015); NBER Org Econ Working Group Meeting (2015, invited discussant); Columbia-Duke-MIT-Northwestern IO Theory Conference (2014); CEPR Workshop on Incentives, Management and Organisation (2014, invited discussant); Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE) Workshop on Dynamic Games, Contracts, and Markets (2014); Warwick Economics Theory Conference (2014); Essex Workshop on Stochastic Games and Mechanisms (2014); NBER Org Econ Working Group Meeting (2013); European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (ESSET), Gerzensee (2013); Cowles Conference in Economic Theory (2013, invited discussant); NBER Org Econ Working Group Meeting (2012, invited discussant); Columbia GSB Strategy Conference (2012, invited discussant); Columbia-Duke-Northwestern IO Theory Conference (2012); NBER Org Econ Working Group Meeting (2012); Columbia-Duke-Northwestern IO Theory Conference (2011, invited discussant); IO Day (2011); NBER Entrepreneurship Working Group Meeting (2011, invited discussant); NBER Org Econ Working Group Meeting (2011, invited discussant); ASSA meetings (2010, invited discussant); Paris Sorbonne Conference on Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements (2010); NBER conference on Relational Contracts (2009, invited discussant); UCSD mini-conference on Dynamic Relationships (2009); HBS Strategy Research Conference (2009); 13th Annual Conference of ISNIE at UC Berkeley Haas (2009).


American Economic Journal: Microeconomics; American Economic Review; B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics; Econometrica; Economic Journal; Games and Economic Behavior; International Economic Review; International Journal of Game Theory; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization; Journal of Economic Theory; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Journal of Finance; Journal of Industrial Economics; Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics; Journal of Labor Economics; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Public Economics; Journal of the European Economic Association; Management Science; National Science Foundation; Quarterly Journal of Economics; RAND Journal of Economics; Review of Economic Dynamics; Review of Economic Studies; Theoretical Economics; US-Israel Binational Science Foundation.

Outside Activities