What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Until recently (January 2007) most medical textbooks, medical guidelines, and doctors advised pregnant women to undergo amniocentesis if they are 35 years old or older. The following paragraph, taken from a medical publication, provides the rationale for this cutoff age:

"In most parts of the country, amniocentesis is a standard part of care for every gravida 35 years or older. This makes sense, since, at 35, the risk of chromosomally abnormal fetus is 1/180 (of which half are Down Syndrome), which is greater than the risk of miscarriage from amniocentesis, commonly quoted at no higher than 1/200"

The picture below demonstrates the "rationale" for the 35+ rule.

Can you see why it makes no sense?
What’s wrong with this picture?????

Our report explains why this rule makes no sense. It also questions many of the commonly cited data on the risk of miscarriage. See Table of Content for a complete list of the questions that we answer in the report.

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