list of publications

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- Online Appendix


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  - Online Appendix


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  - Online Appendix


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  - Online Appendix


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list of Working Papers

The Optimal Public and Private Provision of Safe Assets,” (with Marina Azzimonti), 2018

Optimal Taxation and Debt Management without Commitment,” (with Davide Debortoli and Ricardo Nunes), 2018


Commitment vs. Flexibility with Costly Verification,” (with Marina Halac), 2017


Fiscal Rules and Discretion under Self-Enforcement,” (with Marina Halac), 2017


Instrument-Based vs. Target-Based Rules,” (with Marina Halac), 2018


list of Cases

"Lehman Brothers: Too Big to Fail?" (with Jack Lysohir and Emi Nakamura), 2016, Columbia CaseWorks


Standing at the Edge of a Cliff: GM at the Onset of the 2008 Financial Crisis,” (with Nicolas Vincent), 2014, Columbia CaseWorks


"The Obama Stimulus," 2014, Columbia CaseWorks


The Solow Model Unleashed: Understanding Economic Growth” (with Nicolas Vincent), 2013, Columbia CaseWorks