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This material is from at least a decade ago, but I leave it here for sentimental reasons.

A collection of random photos from my life & travels

Why indeed
Urban paleontology
Jackson Pollock goes to the cottage
A lonely bird
James de la Vega Tribute
A very literal view of inequality in Dhaka
Boundary value problems #1-3 (sorry for math joke)
People, murals, and people and murals of Nicaragua
Rusting junk in the Hudson 
Canadian maritime economics
Images of the Swedish welfare state
Concrete Buddhas 
Efficient Time Management on the Upper West Side
The result of youthful hubris
Department of surreal signage

Venturing forth into the world of multimedia

Angry goat in Kashgar (listen for at least 7 seconds)
Happy mule in Kashgar
Wind in Oaxaca Wheat Fields (requires patience)

These really take patience:
Market negotiations 1
Market negotiations 2
Market negotiations 3

A few other tidbits

First annual photo naming competition

Real world applications of economics