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Academic Positions
2008 - present Eli Ginzberg Professor of Finance and Economics


  Columbia University, Graduate School of Business
2007-2008 Senior Research Chair
    Toulouse School of Economics
2005-2008 Associate Professor of Economics
    University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business
2001-2005 Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business

2000: Ph.D. in Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and University of Toulouse, France
    Advisors: Prof. Mathias Dewatripont, Prof. Patrick Rey, Prof. Jean Tirole.
1997: M.A. Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, University of Toulouse, France.
1997: B.S. in Management and Applied Sciences (Handelsingenieur), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

"Incomplete Contracts and Firm Boundaries: New Directions", Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations, first published online January 30, 2013 doi:10.1093/jleo/ews044
Pandering to Persuade” (with Y-K. Che and N. Kartik)
American Economic Review, 2013, 103(1): 47-79.

"Organizing for Synergies,"
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, November 2010, Vol. 2(4), 77-114. (with L. Garicano and R. Gertner)

Strategic Communication: Prices versus Quantities
Journal of the European Economic Association, April-May 2010, Vol. 8, No. 2-3. (with R. Alonso and N. Matouschek)
Centralization versus Decentralization: An Application to Price Setting by a Multi-Market Firm.”
Journal of the European Economic Association
, April-May 2008, Vol. 6, No. 2-3, 457-467. (with R. Alonso and N. Matouschek)
When does Coordination require Centralization?
American Economic Review, March 2008, 98(1), 145-179. (with R. Alonso and N. Matouschek.)
Adaptive Organizations
Journal of Political Economy, October 2006, Vol 114 (5), 956-995. (with T. Santos)
Information and Control in Ventures & Alliances,”
Journal of Finance, 2005, Vol 60 (5), 2513-2550 (Nominated for a Brattle Prize)
"Network Competition with Heterogeneous Customers and Calling Patterns"
Information Economics and Policy, 2004, Vol 16, pp. 323-345.
Network Competition in Nonlinear Pricing
Lead article in the Rand Journal of Economics, Winter 2003, Vol 34 (4), pp.593-611
Authority and Communication in Organizations
Review of Economic Studies, October 2002, Vol. 69, pp. 811-838.

Working Papers
Rational Inattention and Organizations Focus.” ( with T. Santos and A. Galeotti)

Why a Group Needs a Leader: Decision-making and Debate in Committees" (Feb 2007)
Revise and resubmit requested from Rand Journal of Economics (August 2007)

Other Publications
Why Mergers Fail”, with L. Garicano and R. Gertner, in Capital Ideas, December 2005;

Seminar Presentations
2011: Columbia GSB, Pompeu Fabre (Barcelona), Carlos III (Madrid), Wharton, Michigan State, Essex, Leuven, Florence (EUI), Frankfurt.
2010: Duke Fuqua, UC San Diego, U of Pittsburgh, U of Munich, Columbia.
2009: Princeton, NYU Stern, Yale, LSE, Peking University, Tsinghua University, SCHUFE Shanghai.
2008: Toulouse, Paris School of Economics, Amsterdam Erasumus, Mannheim, Madrid, Edinburgh, Berlin,
Sydney, Ohio State, Queens University, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo).
2007: John Hopkins, Berkeley (Haas), LSE, UCL, Columbia GSB, Harvard/MIT, UCLA (Anderson), Barcelona (Pompeu Fabre).
2006: Columbia University, University of British Columbia, University of Toulouse, HKUST, University of Washington at St. Louis, Chicago GSB.
2005 : University of Wisconsin-Madison, Duke Fuqua, Bloomington Indiana, Chicago GSB, Ecares (ULB).
2003-2004: Chicago GSB, Harvard-MIT, NYU Stern, University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern Kellog, London School of Economics, Oxford, University of Wisconsin-
Madison, Ecares (ULB).

Conference Presentations
2nd Annual Christmas meeting of Belgian Economists, Louvain-la-Neuve, December 2011
‘Grossman and Hart at 25” conference, Brussels, June 2011, Keynote speaker
Econometric Society 10th World Congress, Shanghai, August 2010
Theory of Market Design, Contracts, and Organization Conference, Yonsei University, Seoul, August 2010
2nd Japan-Taiwan conference on contract theory, Kyoto, December 2009, Keynote speaker
2nd Annual Organizational Economics Workshop, Sydney, August 2008, Keynote speaker.
SP-SP Workshop on IO Contracts and Organization, Barcelona IESE, March 2008.
European Economic Association Meeting, Budapest, August 2007, Organizer of invited session on “Decisionmaking and Incentives in Organizations”.
Stanford Summer Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE), August 2007.
5th Annual Duke/Northwestern/Texas – I.O. Theory Conference, Northwestern, Sept 06
Econometric Society European Meeting, Vienna, August 2006, Invited session on “Organizations and the Theory of the Firm.”
4th Annual Duke/Northwestern/Texas – I.O. Theory Conference, Austin, October 2005
MIT Summer Camp in Organizational Economics, August 2005
European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (ESSET), Gerzensee, July 2005
MIT Summer Camp in Organizational Economics, July 2004.
Stockholm Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Conference, August 2003
Stanford Summer Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE), August 2003
Wallace Summer Conference, Rochester, May 2003
Stanford Strategic Management Conference, February 2003

Grants and Honors
Co-Editor, Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations, 2010-
CEPR Research Fellow, 2009-
CEPR Research Affiliate, 2000-2009
Associate Editor, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008-2009
Editorial Board, The Review of Network Economics, 2001-2009
“Information and Control in Ventures and Alliances”: Nominated for a 2005 Brattle Price by the Associate Editors of the Journal of Finance.
Charles E. Merrill Scholar, Chicago GSB, 2003-2004.
Selected for the Review of Economic Studies Tour as one of the best Econ Ph.D. students in 2000.
Fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO), 1997- 2001.

Refereeing for Professional Journals
Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Econometrica, Journal of Finance, Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, American Economic Journal: Micro, Management Science, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Theory, Theoretical Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Law & Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Business, International Journal of Industrial Organization, European Economic Review, JITE, B.E. Journals, Economic Theory, Review of Finance,…