• Cluster Q celebrates National Coming Out Day 2015!

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  • Cluster Q: Coming out stories

  • CBS introduces gender neutral bathroom!(Read full article).

We are Cluster Q.

Cluster Q seeks to create an inclusive LGBTQ community at Columbia Business School that actively supports the full spectrum of CBS LGBTQs as well as our allies to educate and engage through social, educational, and career-related events. Collaboration with the broader CBS community, both with other student organizations and alumni, is crucial to carry out this mission.

About Us

We are 60+ strong and growing. Click below to learn more about Cluster Q and Columbia Business School.

About us

Our Events

Cluster Q hosts many events throughout the year for members of both our LGBTQ community and our allies. Get involved!


Our Sponsors

We wouldn't be anywhere without our coporate sponsors! Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship.


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Thinking about applying? Cluster Q is happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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Alumni Tips

"To the perfectionists: forget about it, there's too much going on socially and with the community to do everything 100 %. Try new things constantly, as this is best break you'll probably ever have from full time employment. TRAVEL! Same rationale as above. Finally, free cookies on 5th floor of Warren every day at 3pm."
Katie, Former Cluster Q Co-President, Class of 2013

"What I really liked about CBS was the ability to have both a welcoming, nurturing community in the midst of a vast, energetic city. I found Cluster Q to be the same way - I was able to have a close set of friends, all of whom had different backgrounds and career interests, within the larger Columbia community. As an alumnus and entrepreneur, I still keep in contact with fellow Q's, whether if it's for brunch (love brunch!) or at business events and LGBT volunteer activities throughout the city."
Vik, Class of 2012

" Business school is a low-risk environment that has the potential to bring about a lot of reward. Try new things, meet new people and realize that this is about to be the best 2 years of your life. And don't try to be anyone other than yourself. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter!"
Terrance, Class of 2013

"Your learning teams can make or break your first semester. Make sure you get into a good working rapport at the start; find a way to divide and conquer work, not everything has to be done together. If you are recruiting for Banking or Consulting, let your team know well in advance and figure out a way that you can contribute virtually, especially during October and November."
Evan, Class of 2013