Columbia Business School Follies has enjoyed the longest run of any production of a professional school of business located between 120th and 110th streets in New York City. CBS Follies traces its origin back to 1773 when Alexander Hamilton staged the first show entitled "Tea Party for King George." With that auspicious start Follies has persevered through the good and the not so good times of CBS.

The Civil War productions reflected the divisiveness of the times in their titles: "Abe Lincoln Sucks Greenbacks" and "Oh Yeah? Well Lee wouldn’t Know a Marginal Cost if it Hit Him on the Beard." Nevertheless, Follies continued producing fine entertainment and welcomed the 20th Century with a classic production entitled "A Real Pain in the Excise Tariff."

During the lean times of the Depression, business students bartered rotten apples and darned socks for tickets. World War II was marked by some stellar all female productions such as the renowned "Hey, We’re All a Bunch of Women Making Airplanes to Bomb the Crap Out of Germany and Japan."

The production assumed its current form in the early 1980’s when a group of students, perturbed that they were unable to get hired by Atari, decided that Follies was a viable alternative to listening to scratchy Thomas Dolby LP’s.

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