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“Benchmarking China on the Global Stage”

China - the world’s most populous nation and its third largest economy. A country whose GDP has experienced double digit growth for 17+ years, and who continues to see social and technological progress.

China’s rapid growth has captured the world’s attention. However, in order to better understand
this radical evolution, we need to examine the region’s achievements and shortfalls, but not merely by its own accord, but benchmarked against that of the world’s leading nations. How has the progress China made in its policies, industry sectors and capital systems compare to those of the developed economies? What metrics do we need to consider in order to fully understand its performance? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the region’s industrious citizens?

Now, amidst the global economic slowdown and financial turmoil, is China ready to lead the way? It is only when China fully understands how it is benchmarked and integrated with the world, is it able to become a leader in its own right

The 2nd Annual China Business Conference, with the theme of “Benchmarking China on the Global Stage” (国际视野量中国), will be held on April 10, 2009 at Columbia University’s Morningside Campus. As China’s growth is reshaping the world, the conference will provide a forum to gauge China’s competences and responsibilities in its legal, economic, political and cultural developments, and present strategies to overcome numerous challenges that China faces.

Featured companies include Thomson Reuters, Noble Group, Nokia, McKinsey & Company, Viking Corporation, Lenovo, MassMutual Financial Group, Johnson & Johnson, and WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.

Attendees include MBA candidates from Columbia Business School and other major business schools in the region, industry professionals, corporate executives, alumni, and university faculty and staff.

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Featured Speakers:

Rick Simonson
CFO of Nokia

Rod Dillman
President of MassMutual International

Deng Feng
Founder of Northern Light Venture Capital

Tom Groos
CEO of Viking Corporation

Edward Hu
COO of WuXi AppTec

Glen Gilbert
VP Brand Management & Marketing Strategy of Lenovo

Mingde Xia, PhD
Senior Director at Corporate Office of Science and Technology of Johnson & Johnson

Featured Panels

Alternative Route in China Real Estate Investment

Challenges and Opportunities in China Healthcare

Capital Markets and Investments

Entrepreneurship in China

Private Equity and Venture Capital: Opportunities, Risks and the 5-Year Outlook

China’s Position in the Global Value Chain

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