Panel 1: Capital Markets and Investments

Panel Topic: The Next Big Bang in Chinese capital markets– The Rise of corporate bonds market with RMB globalization and hedge funds

We've all witnessed the explosive development of Chinese equity market, which has been very much on the headlines in recent years. However, one other area which saw enormous growth during the same period was the fixed income market, especially the corporate bonds issued by Chinese firms in Hong Kong market. From a broader perspective of rising RMB in global capital markets, bonds issuances in both mainland and HK have been increasingly playing an ever more important role in Asian credit market. The next focus in fixed income community will be the reform, opening and development of Chinese corporate bond market, which we will see two way flows – Chinese firms issuing USD or RMB bonds in international bond market to finance their outbound acquisitions or investments, international corporations tapping vast capital by Chinese investors for their business expansion in China.

Jay Guo, Ph.D., Head of Fixed-income Quantitative Methodology Group and Structured Securities Group, Interactive Data
Li Shanquan, Managing Director/ Senior Portfolio Manager of Oppenheimer Funds
Yong Li, Managing Director, Midway Group
Robert Fallon, Moderator, Professor, Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School

Panel 2: Healthcare

Pharmaceutical revenue in China is growing at a great pace and the market could double and become the world’s third-largest by 2013 as the country improves its healthcare infrastructure and aims for near-universal health coverage. What are the current opportunities & challenges for global healthcare companies investing in, and marketing to China? What roles China has been / will be playing in contributing to the overall progress in global healthcare innovation? Where are the most attractive healthcare/life science PE/VC investment opportunities in China? How would healthcare reform relate to consumer spending, savings, and social security?

Dr. Joanne Jiang, Co-Founder and VP, Fountain Medical Development
Dr. Roger Xie, EVP, Head of Global Development and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board, China PharmaHub Corp.
Michael Balaban, Moderator, Founder & Principal, Balaban Associates

Panel 3: Private Equity

Panel Topic: Opportunities and Challenges of China's Private Equity Market

In late 2008, the global financial crisis and ensuing credit crunch appeared to stop private equity activity in its tracks. Whereas domestic and foreign investors in China’s nascent yet burgeoning market had once been bullish on the country’s prospects, those sentiments were quickly overshadowed by fear and lackluster results. In response to the crisis, the Chinese government passed a major stimulus package to mobilize investment and implemented policies to lower entry barriers, restore investor confidence, and build up domestic demand. Since then, China’s economy has warmed up—and with it, the private equity market, which has seen a rise in domestic and foreign funds. Today, investors feel renewed optimism on the market’s long-term prospects. With the rise of renminbi (RMB) funds and growth capital investment, as well as the establishment of the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM), the private equity market in China has, some believe, become stronger and more sustainable than prior to the crisis. However, challenges remain. Uncertainties about remitting RMB proceeds overseas, corporate governance, and deal structure still weigh on investor’s minds. Our panel, consisting of active private equity practitioners in China, will discuss these issues as well as engage in Q&A with the audience.

Alex Ripley, Principal at Bain Capital
Jonathan Pan, Partner and Head of King & Wood New York Office
Hao Wu, Sino-Century China Private Equity Partners

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