Welcome Remarks from Co-Chairs


On behalf of the China Business Conference Committee and the Greater China Society (GCS) at Columbia Business School, we welcome you to our 9th Annual China Business Conference held at Columbia University on Friday, April 1st, 2016. The annual China Business Conference is one of the largest student-led conferences among US business schools exploring current issues pertinent to domestic and multinational firms with current or prospective operations in China. The conference aims to provide a forum to elevate the understanding of China’s rapidly evolving business landscape as well as discuss key opportunities and challenges associated with doing business in and with China.

This year, we come together to unveil China’s next wave of surprises.

2015 is undoubtedly a special year for China, filled with uncertainties and surprises: the economic slowdown and stock-market gyrations keep touching the nerves of the world; the growing tide of Chinese investment into US commercial real estate starts to fall, and the growing middle-class and recent anti-corruption efforts lead to changes in the retail and luxury industry. On the other hand, 2015 witnesses the sixth year of growth in China outbound M&A volume, hitting historical high of $111.9 billion. The hi-tech industry and entrepreneurship have also grown vividly in the past year, making China one of the largest world hubs for start-ups. Despite the slowdown, China stays to be one of the world’s fast growing economies and its structural transition indicates a future growth potential with higher quality.

Where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.

In this context, we invite top business leaders and academic scholars from around the world to share their insights on the economic and industrial trends, and outlook for the next waves of business opportunities in China. 2016 is the centennial year of Columbia Business School. We are honored to host the most distinguished group of speakers in history of China Business Conference, who bring a wealth of experiences and insights to share with conference participants on the aforementioned issues. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to these speakers for committing their time to share their insights and expertise. We would also like to thank our great faculty advisors for all the help and guidance throughout the preparatory process. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the generous support of our corporate and academic sponsors, as well as strategic partners, whose contributions have made the conference possible. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the dedication of the entire conference team and volunteers, who has worked tirelessly to ensure a successful conference.


China Business Conference Co-chairs
Wei-Ming (Kevin) Wu
Xiaoning (Ning) Wu

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