Please contact Liang (Ben) Chen if you have any question. Thanks!

Upcoming!【Social】HH at Yankees! New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins
Time: 7pm, April, 19, 2012
Venue: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY
Have you been in New York for quite some time but haven’t seen a Yankees game yet? Don’t worry. GCS will take YOU to the ballpark! Due to overwhelming demand for the Yankees game we have increased our ticket pool to 50. We will reward 25 FREE tickets to our lottery winners and the rest, including up to one guest, will pay a nominal fee of $8.

Upcoming!【Conference】 2012 Columbia China Business Conference: “The
China Model for the Next Decade”
Time: March 31, 2012, 8:30am-6:00pm
Venue: Columbia University Low Memorial Library and Uris Hall
4 Keynotes | 7 Panels | 40+ Distinguished Speakers | 500+ Audience

Opening & Keynote Speakers:
• Amir Ziv – Vice Dean, Columbia Business School
• ZHU Wanjin – Deputy Consul General, Consul General of China to New York, USA
• Mr. YUAN Ning, President of China Construction USA, President of CCGC-USA
• Mr. Frank English, Former MD and Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley
• Mr. TIAN Yuan, Chairman of “China Entrepreneurs Forum”, Founder of CIFCO
• Mr. Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Advisor, TPG Capital

Featured Panels:
• Capital Market and Investment: “Navigating the China Investment Landscape”
• Consumer Market: “Defining the Evolving Chinese Consumers”
• Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: “The Engine of Growth”
• Investment Banking/Financial Institutions: “Capital without borders”
• Macro Economy: “China’s New Role in the Post-crisis World”
• Private Equity and Venture Capital: “PEVC Dynamics - Rationalization & Transformation”
• Real Estate: “Count the Brick or Build a Home”

【Event】“My Life Values” by WANG Gongquan (我的人生坚守-王功权的财富情感人生)
Time: 4pm - 6pm, Mar 4
Venue: Uris 142

他是 中国创投行业的奠基人,
他是 业绩辉煌的基金领军人物,
他是 公民社会的倡导者和力行者,

About Wang Gongquan:
Mr. Gongquan Wang was a Co-Founder and Partner at CDH Venture Partners. He served as a Senior Advisor at IDG Capital Partners, which he joined in 1998. He served as a General Partner and a Director of IDG Capital Partners from 1999 to 2005. Prior to this, he was the President at China Energy Resources and China Coal Mining (BVI) Co Ltd. From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Wang served as the President and General Partner at Vantone International Group and was the President and a General Partner at the Vantone Industry Group. He also was a General Partner at Vantone Investment Group and served as a Managing Director of Vantone Enterprise Group. In 1991, Mr. Wang was one of the Founders of Vantone Industry Group, and served in various capacities, including as President, Chairman of the Board, and a Managing Director. He entered the field of high-tech venture investment in 1994 as the initial investor in a network security company and the Asian Info Cooperation Group. Mr. Wang had served as Director in many companies, including China Digital TV Holding Co., Ltd., Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., ChinaEdu Corporation, Xueda Education Group, etc. Mr. Wang also serves on the Board of Trustees at Jilin Industrial University.

Co-sponsors: Greater China Society, CUCSSA
Note: the speech will be in Chinese

【Careers】J-term Careers Coaching with J-term Alumni
Time: 3PM, March 3 Saturday afternoon
Venue: on-campus Lawn / in front of Uris
Besides the accelerated curriculum, one of the biggest differences between J-term and Sep-term would be the recruiting timeline. Three Class 2011 J-termers – Cathy Sun, Leo Chen, Adrian Aw – will back to school to share their recruiting experience with our Class 2013 J-termers on March 3. Class 2012 J-termers will also join the conversation to tell their own recruiting stories and the takeaways.

Format: Afternoon tea chat (ideally mixed with beautiful sunshine)
Featured guests:
• Cathy Sun: CBS ’11, now working at Standard Chartered
• Leo Chen: CBS ’11, now working at UBS
• Adrian Aw: CBS ’11, now working at Jefferies

【Social】Pre Happy Hour: Chinese Language Table
Time: 6pm-8pm, Thursday, Mar 1
Venue: Uris 305
Taking Chinese class but no one to practice with?
Want to brush off your language before starting working in China?
Want to pick up some survival-level Chinese before your summer trips?
The Greater China Society invites you to come to Chinese Language Table and practice with native speakers! We provide Tsingtao Beer—to help you forget about being shy speaking a foreign language, and fortune cookies—so we can teach you some funny phrases about your fortune.

【Event】Workshop on Chinese Economy by Dr. Pu Yufei/Prof. Shang-Jin Wei
Time: 11:30am – 2:00pm, Monday, Feb 27
Venue: Hepburn Lounge
Session 1: The Social Housing Program in China - Dr. Yufei Pu, the Deputy Director-General of Comprehensive Management Department in the State Information Center and the 2011 Lulu Chow Wang Senior Visiting Scholar in residence at Columbia Business School
Session 2: The Distributional Impact of an Exchange Rate Regime: Evidence from a Large Postcard Survey in China - Professor Shang-Jin Wei, N T Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy and Director, Chazen Institute of International Business.

【Social】Dinner at Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant & San Guo Sha
Date: February 24
Don’t eat to live, live to eat and play!
Join us and your friends for Dinner + San Guo Sha (三国杀)
“San Guo Sha” (or “Warriors of The Three Kingdom”) is an extremely popular board game in China nowadays, played between 6 to 12 people per table. Each player plays one of four roles: Lord, Loyal, Rebel and Spy; each role with dedicated goals to win the game. Once you learn the basic rules and the cards, it is really very easy to play with much fun!

【Social】J-Cool Dinner
Time: February 10, 7pm Friday February 10
Venue: Legend Restaurant (Sichuan food) - 88 7th Ave (between 15th St & 16th St)
Feel cool to be “J” Thang? Check out this follies show on YouTube!
Rock and Roll! Let’s throw a J cool dinner (and drinking) to welcome J’13 and reunion J’12 and ex J-termers this Friday! GCS kindly subsidize this dinner for all GCS members!

【Social】Lantern Festival Mixer
Date: Thursday, Feb 2, 2012
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: SIPA 6/F Cafeteria
CBS GCS and SIPA GCI Proudly Presents:
2012 Lantern Festival Mixer
Chinese food and home-cooked sweet dumplings would be served!

WelcomeWelcoming 2013 J-term Students!

Dear CBS Class of 2013 J-termers,

Welcome to CBS! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to students with Greater China background. As we know you must be excited about the upcoming 1.5 years at Columbia, GCS is here to help you get warmed up for this transition and acclimated to our community from day one.

We have also paired each of you with a current CBS student volunteers at GCS. In December, your “buddy” would reach out to you via email, share our experience at CBS so far and answer any questions you might have about our school and the city. We prepare a list of common questions such as move-in, exempt tests/class selection which your GCS buddy will try to answer.

For more information, please check the “Q&A” and “Resources” pages in our website.


EventsLuncheon with CBS Professor David Beim

Time: December 1 (Thursday), 1:00-2:00pm

Venue: Uris 8th floor Conference Room

Organizer: CBS Greater China Society (GCS)


Professor Beim had a 25-year career in investment banking, following which he became a professor in the Finance and Economics Division of Columbia Business School. He joined Columbia as an adjunct professor in 1989 and has been a full-time professor of professional practice since 1991. His areas of teaching include corporate finance, international banking and emerging financial markets.

During the luncheon, Professor Beim illustrated his research on European debt crisis and the underlying imbalances in productivity and payments between various European countries, as well as his thinking on how China should reform its development model for the next decade.


EventsLuncheon with China CEO Leadership Program at CBS

Time: November 29 (Tuesday), 12:00-2:00pm

Venue: Warren Hall Feldberg Lounge

Organizer: CBS Greater China Society (GCS), Columbia Executive Program

Highlights: Columbia Executive Program has invited CBS MBA students for luncheon with 70 Chinese CEOs from leadership program with various industry backgrounds. Over 20 Chinese MBA students attended the luncheon to exchange ideas with the 70 CEOs on doing businesses in China.

【Events】Inter-School Mixer with SIPA and Law

Time: November 18 (Friday), 6:00-8:00pm
Venue: Amsterdam Cafe (1207 Amsterdam Avenue, between 119th and 120th Street)
Organizer: CBS Greater China Society (GCS), SIPA Greater China Initiative (GCI), Society for Chinese Law (SCL)
Highlights: The mixer across schools has always been highly welcomed by our members in the past. It is another great opportunity to meet more people and enjoy beer on Nov 18. Participants included students from CBS, Columbia Law School and SIPA.

EventsLuncheon with CBS Professor Wei Jiang

Time: November 17 (Thursday), 12:30-1:45pm

Venue: Uris 8th floor Conference Room

Organizer: CBS Greater China Society (GCS)


Professor Jiang's main research interest lies in investment companies (such as mutual funds, closed-end funds, and hedge funds), and institutional investors' role in corporate decisions and governance. Her research has been featured in major media, and has also received the Smith-Breeden Distinguished Paper Prize from the Journal of Finance. Jiang has been a fellow at the TIAA-CREF Institute since 2005. Prior to joining the School, she spent two years as Investment Banking Associate.

During the lunch, Professor Jiang discussed about her research focus, career, and advice on how to make the best out of the business school.


【Careers】Careers Panel Series 3: Investment Banking Recruitment
Time: November 17 (Thursday), 12:30-2:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School, Uris 332
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS), Asia Business Association (ABA)
Highlights: GCS and ABA co-organized the third Career Panel in 2011 – Investment banking: Navigate the Invitation-only Events, Applications and Phone Interviews on Nov 17. Six second year GCS/ABA members who interned in investment banking in Asia and US shared their recruitment experiences last year, and answered questions about interview and application process.

【Events】Date Columbia!
Time: November 11 (Friday), 2:00-5:00pm
Venue: Teachers College, Columbia University
Organizer: TCCSSA, Greater China Society (GCS), CUCSSA
Highlights: Looking for someone special? Or just making a new friend? Someone will be there for you! The Greater China student clubs at all Schools of Columbia University jointly organized our First “Date Columbia” on Nov 11, 2011. Activities included games, speed dating and lots of surprises. Around 80 students CU-wide attended the event, including about 10 from CBS.

【Careers】Hony Capital (弘毅投资) Campus Presentation at CBS
Guest speakers: Yuan Bing (Managing Director), Cao YongGang (Managing Director)
Time: November 6 (Sunday), 6:30-9:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School Uris 301
Organizers: Greater China Society (GCS), CUCSSA
Highlights: Hony Capital, the pioneer in China’s home grown private equity industry, held a campus presentation at CBS on November 6. Mr. Bing Yuan and Mr. YongGang Cao introduced the Private Equity industry in China and Hony Capital’s investment strategies. Over 200 students attended the event, including students from CBS, other schools at Columbia, and students from Wharton, Yale and NYU.

【Careers & Events】”So You Think You Are An Entrepreneur?”
Guest speakers: Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang, Zhang Yazhe, Hu Dan, Fang Aizhi
Time: November 5 (Saturday), 4:00-7:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School Uris 142
Sponsors: Zhen Fund (真格基金), Sequoia Capital (红杉资本)
Organizers: CUCSSA, Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: As the first stop of the “Zhen Fund Angel Investment Salon” at Ivy League universities, Xu Xiaoping and his team visited Columbia Business School on November 5. Themes of the speech included: “How to find out the business model? How to build up the team? How to seek and convince investors?” The speech attracted over 200 students, with shortlisted teams invited to Harvard for a final competition on Nov 12 for a single prize is up to $100,000.

【Careers & Events】Meeting 360 Buy (京东商城): China’s Ecommerce Growth
Guest speaker: Nathan Yao
Time: November 5 (Saturday), 12:00-1:30pm
Venue: Columbia Business School Uris 141
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: Want to learn about China’s ecommerce growth from the biggest B2C e-retailer in China? The Greater China Society is excited to host an exchange with Nathan Yao, General Manager of International from In this event, Nathan shared with CBS students 360Buy’s strategy in China’s competitive ecommerce market, as well as the company’s international expansion. Also provided were some MBA-level roles opened in various functions, based in New York or Beijing.

【Events】Food is Heaven – GCS Dinner Gathering at Legend Restaurant (蜀留香)
Time: November 4 (Friday), 7:00pm-midnight
Venue: Legend Restaurant, 88 7th Ave
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: There is something you mustn’t miss at GCS – yes, it’s delicious Chinese food! After the hectic mid-term week, GCSers rewarded all ourselves with some terrific Szechuan foods, including Kung Pao Chicken, Mar-Bo Tofu, twice-cooked pork slices, etc.

【Events】Application of The Art of War in Modern Financial Investment and US-Sino Trade (孙子兵法在中美金融投资和贸易中的应用)
Guest speaker: Zhao Yunlong, Chairman of Guoxin Group
Time: October 29 (Saturday), 2:00-4:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School, Uris 141
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: As part of a business trip of 20 CEOs from China and their visit to Columbia Business School, Mr. Zhao Yunlong, Chairman of Guoxin Group, presented his latest studies in the application of The Art of War in modern financial investment and US-Sino trade. About 20 CBS current students were invited to the classroom and engaged in heated discussions with the speakers and entrepreneurs on their views of Chinese enterprises and Sino-US relationship.


【Careers】Careers Panel Series 2: Research & Buy-side Recruitment
Time: October 27 (Thursday), 12:30-2:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School, Uris 333
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS), Asia Business Association (ABA)
Highlights: GCS and ABA co-organized the second Career Panel in 2011 – Research and Buy-side on Oct 27. Five second year GCS/ABA members who interned in equity research, investment management and private equity shared their recruitment experiences last year, and answered questions about interview and application process.

【Events】International Week –Inter-Regional Cuisine Gala
Time: October 25 (Tuesday), 6:00-8:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School Feldberg Lounge
Organizer: ISAB, Greater China Society (GCS), Asia Business Association (ABA), Korean Business Association (KBA), Japan Business Association (JBA), European Society, German Society, The Italian Club, Le French Club, African Business Club
Highlights: Oct 24-28 is CBS’s traditional annual International Week in which we all jointly celebrate CBS’s diverse community. The Inter-regional cuisine gala was held on Tuesday, October 25. Between sake and makkoli (a Korean rice wine), which one gets people drunk faster? And between dumplings and sushi, which one tastes better?

【Careers】Careers Panel Series 1: Management Consulting Recruitment
Time: October 13 (Thursday), 12:30-2:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School, Warren 311
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS), Asia Business Association (ABA)
Highlights: GCS and ABA co-organized the first Career Panel in 2011 – Investment banking: navigate the invitation only events, applications and (phone) interviews on Oct 13. Five second year GCS/ABA members who interned in top consulting firms in Asia and US shared their recruitment experiences last year, and answered questions about interview and application process.

【Careers】Virtual Conference: Discussions with Bain Greater China
Time: September 22 (Thursday), 9:30-10:30pm
Organizer: Bain & Company, Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: GCS scheduled a call with Christie Wong, the school captain in Bain & Company Greater China, for our members interested in management consulting and a career in Greater China. Over twenty 1st year and 2nd year students dialed in the call, with questions covering Bain Greater China in general and its recruiting plans.

【Events】Galloping Horse (小马奔腾) and China’s Booming Movie Industry
Guest speaker: Zhang Yi-Bai
Time: September 22 (Thursday), 9:30-10:30pm
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS), CUCSSA
Highlights: Galloping Horse, the leading media and entertainment group in China, hosted a presentation at CBS on the booming film business in China. The senior management team explained the formula of their fascinating growth with beautiful PPT and fun movie clippings. Famous Chinese movie director Zhang Yi-Bai shared real-world movie case study and answered many questions from the audience.

【Events】Mid-Autumn Festival and Moon-cake Tasting
Time: September 12 (Monday), 6:00-8:00pm
Venue: Columbia Business School Uris 332
Organizer: Greater China Society (GCS)
Highlights: What better way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival than our moon-cake tasting event? Besides enjoying moon cake and beers, the 2nd year GCS members at CBS also extended our warmest welcome to the incoming 1st year students in the beautiful season in New York.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 – Lunch with CBI Speakers Mr. Weihua Ma and Mr. Shaoyong Liu
The Chazen Institute invite you to a private lunch with Weihua Ma, President and CEO of China Merchants Bank and Shaoyong Liu, President and Chairman, China Eastern Airlines.

Saturday, April 2, 2011 – China Business Conference 2011
Now in its 4th year, the China Business Conference regularly attracts more than 400 attendees with interest in China’s economic future.  This year’s Conference features six timely panel discussions and several distinguished keynote speakers.  The Conference also includes opportunities to catch up with speakers and other attendees during lunch, VIP dinner and mentoring coffee chats.

More detailed information on this year’s Conference, please go to: 

Conference Photos

Thursday, February 3, 2011 – Chinese New Year Celebration Dumpling Tasting
Celebrating the Year of Rabbit!

Friday, November 12, 2010 – B-school, SIPA and Law School Mixer
Join us and your friends for the CBS, SIPA and Law School 2010 Mixer.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 – Apple Picking
Join us and your friends for the fun American tradition of apple picking at a nearby farm. Don’t miss out on your last chance to enjoy the fall foliage and this time-honored rite of seasonal passage.

Thursday, Sept 23, 2010 – Juntin Lin Speech at Columbia University

Sunday, July 31, 2010 – M7 B-school NYC Picnic
Get away from your internship or school work and enjoy the nice summer of NYC in Central Park! Here you can meet new friends from other top business schools. Details of the event are as follows:

Time: 16:00 pm –19:00 pm, July 31, 2010
Venue: Central Park

Beverages, snacks, music, poker as well as other games will be provided, but more contributions are welcome.

Friday, October 12, 2009 – Industry-Targeted Networking Cocktails and Dinner
Description:  Now that you’ve had some time to focus your career goals, network with GCS members with similar interests.  This is a great opportunity to learn job hunt secrets from second years and build your targeted career hunt network.  Meet with 1st and 2nd year club members in your industry and look for a 2nd year mentor. Separate locations by industry.
Time and location:  6pm (preliminary), TBD

Friday, October 6, 2008 – Home Social
Description:  Celebrate the end of midterms and reconnect with your GCS community in a cozy, relaxed environment at Rebecca’s home. 
Time and location:  8pm (preliminary), Rebecca’s home
Participation:  Members are invited to bring significant others, and are asked to bring a drink or snack to share with others.  Stay tuned for GCS emails with more details.

Friday, November 9, 2008 – Alumni Dinner
Description:  You’ve spent the term becoming a business and career hunt expert – now it’s time to meet successful alumns in your industry.  Learn about what’s going on on the ground in your industry and build your network beyond the CBS walls.
Time and location:  8pm (preliminary), TBD

Saturday, December 1, 2008 – Home Social
Description:  Experience Steve’s hospitality during this is your last chance to hang out with your old GCS friends before diving into exam season and then heading off to your exotic winter destinations. 
Time and location:  8pm (preliminary), Steve’s home
Participation:  Members are invited to bring significant others, and are asked to bring a drink or snack to share with others.  Stay tuned for GCS emails with more details.

Saturday, September 8, 2007 – Kickoff Reception
Description:  This year’s inaugural event will be held in the GCS’s newly branded “home social” format, hosted by GCS officers at their homes to help members get to know each other in a cozy, relaxed environment.  The Kickoff Reception will be hosted by Nicolas in his stylish apartment. 
Time and location:  8pm-10:30pm, 615 W172 Apt 6E
Participation:  Members are invited to bring friends from CBS interested in the GCS and significant others, and are asked to bring a drink or snack to share with others.  Stay tuned for GCS emails with more details.

Thursday, September 13, 2007 – Kickoff Meeting
Description:  Learn how you can participate in and lead GCS activities at the year’s first full meeting. 
Time and location:  1pm-2pm, U307
Participation:  Anyone interested in joining the GCS is invited. 

Monday, September 17, 2007 – Workshop:  Living and Studying in the USA
Description:  Learn how to get the most out of your time in the USA.  A panel discussion by 2nd year members and role-play workshop are followed by an open question forum.
Time and location:  6pm-7pm, U332
Participation:  This event is open to members only.

Friday, September 21, 2007 – Mid-Autumn Festival Party
Description:  Celebrate this traditional Chinese holiday by savouring mooncakes in the moonlight as you get to know your GCS community in a premium outdoor party space. 
Time and location:  8pm (preliminary), Boat Basin (preliminary)
Participation:  Members are invited to bring interested friends from the greater Columbia community.  Stay tuned for GCS emails with more details.

Thursday, September 27, 2007 – Student Career Panel
Description:  Learn from second years who want share their summer internship experiences in a variety of industries to help you figure out your industry interests and plan your summer internship goals.  This is the kickoff to the GCS’s program to help students interested in the Greater China Region and students from the Greater China Region achieve their summer internship goals. 
Time and location:  5:45pm (preliminary), Uris or Warren
Participation:  This event is open to members only.  Stay tuned for GCS emails with more details.

Feb. 2007, J term welcome reception

Jan. 2007, Career panel

Nov. 2006, GCS party in Philosophy Hall

Sep. 2006, Moon Festival party at Boat Basin

Sep. 2006, Class 2008 welcome reception

Aug. 2006, J term end of semester dinner, co-sponsored by ABA

August 15, 2006
Summer Post-Final Dinner Party

 April 15, 2005
Greater China Society, Asian Business Association, and Japanese Business Association Farewell Party

April 5, 2005
Business Growth Strategies for Asia Pacific - with Focus on China by Dr. Willie Chien

March 7-16, 2003

China Study Trip

February 7, 2003

Karaoke Party

February 1, 2003

Chinese New Year Dinner

November 26, 2002

Thanksgiving Dinner at Columbia Cottage

September 28, 2002

Moon Festival Dinner at Bingo Restaurant

April 18, 2002

Farewell Party for 2002 Graduates

Click here to see achieved pictures of past events.