David P. Holveck, President
Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.; former CEO of Centocor

Paul H. Keckley, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions


» 3rd Annual Healthcare Conference
» 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference
» 1st Annual Healthcare Conference

Given the increasingly prominent role that healthcare plays in business and national spending, Columbia Business School strives to be an outstanding source of education, research, and talent development in the field. The Healthcare Industry Association strives to accomplish part of this broader mission with the following goals for its annual  conference:

• Highlight current key issues and forward looking trends in the healthcare industry;

• Provide a productive networking and educational opportunity for students, alumni, and practitioners in the healthcare industry;

• Increase awareness of Columbia Business School’s interest and commitment to healthcare in all industry sectors including: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, payors, providers, healthcare services, consulting, investment banking, private equity & venture capital.

In this year’s conference we invite leaders from the spectrum of both business and academia to focus our panel discussions on four value drivers for the healthcare industry: Deal-making strategies to enhance competitive position, Innovations in managing costs and healthcare outcomes, Marketing strategies in changing healthcare marketplace and Opportunities and Challenges for Global Healthcare firms.

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