Concurrent Morning Panels: 11:30 to 12:45 p.m.

“Dealmaking Strategies to Enhance Competitive Position”

Moderator:  Professor Cliff Cramer
Jim Boylan ('94), Managing Director, Merrill Lynch
Perry Karsen, SVP, Business Development, Celgene
Tamar Howson (’80), Exec. Vice President, Lexicon Pharma
Dan Tully, Managing Director, Altaris Capital Partners

• Which healthcare segments (pharma, biotech, med tech, healthcare services) will have the most M&A activity over the next 1-3 years, and why?

• How are successful companies organized to best identify, pursue, negotiate, and execute M&A and other business development initiatives?

• What is the role of private equity in healthcare M&A? How has it changed with the recent problems with sub-prime debt?

Costs/Outcomes Panel
“Innovation in Managing Costs and Improving Health Outcomes”

Moderator: Professor Linda Green
Karen Collins, VP Quality, NY Presbyterian
Lorna Friedman, Chief Medical Officer, CIGNA
Michael K. Gusmano, Assistant Professor of Health Policy & Management, Mailman School of Public Health
J. Brent Pawlecki, Corp. Med. Director, Pitney Bowes 

• Which strategies are employers, insurers and providers pursuing to slow the growth of employee healthcare costs and improve health outcomes?

• What actions are major hospitals taking to reduce medical errors and improve outcomes?

• How effective have consumer-driven healthcare initiatives been?

• Why is the healthcare industry slow to adopt information technology, and what can be done to overcome such barriers?

Concurrent Afternoon Panels: 2:45 to 4:00 p.m.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Panel
“Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies"

Moderator: Jacques Mulder, Principal, Deloitte Consulting 
Robert Bazemore, VP Bio-Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson Pharma Services
Charles Beever, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
Andreas Fibig, SVP/GM, US Pharma, Pfizer
Richard Johnson, Managing Partner, Hudson Medical Communications
Phillip Satow, Chairman/CEO, JDS Pharmaceuticals

• What strategies are pharma/biotech companies pursuing to best position products with insurers, PBMs and other MCOs?

• What type of consumer advertising is most effective, and will there be greater restrictions on DTC advertising in the U.S.?

• How have physician detailing strategies evolved in recent years?

• Which marketing tactics produce the greatest ROI?

Emerging Markets Panel
“Opportunities and Challenges for Global Healthcare Companies”

Moderator:  Amanda Heron Parsons, McKinsey & Company
Robert Armstrong, VP External Research, Eli Lilly
David Epstein ('87), President & CEO, Novartis Oncology
Joseph Flicek, Managing Director, Amphion Innovations plc
David Gershon, Standard & Poor's Healthcare Economics and Policy Industry Leader
Joseph Shrawder, General Manager, GE Healthcare

• To what extent do global healthcare companies have a responsibility for addressing global health challenges (AIDS, TB, malaria, etc.)?

• What are the opportunities & challenges of investing in, and marketing to, China, India and other emerging markets for global healthcare companies?

• What is the record of success of public-private partnerships in combating disease in developing countries?

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