Mentor Program



The Jewish Student Business Association is organizing a mentor program to support an educational and job placement program effort for the students enrolled in the club. The mentees will be selected based on the form they fill out and availability of mentors in the student's area of interest.


Commitments from the Mentees

Students would be required to:

•  Take responsibility for initiating communication with your mentor and managing the relationship.  In this initial contact, you must provide your mentor with your resume and a description of your career aspirations (type of firm, etc)

•  Agree to act as a mentor to future JBSA students upon graduating from CBS

•  Be respectful of a mentor's time - ask thoughtful questions and use the mentor's time efficiently


Commitments from the Mentors

The time requirement is intended to be minimal and will involve the following:

•  Respond to the student's initial contact and dialogue on an informal basis with the mentee

•  Act as a mentor to 1 (or 2 if you prefer) student(s)

•  Respond to mentee requests (as appropriate )

•  Provide guidance and advice on career opportunities, to provide tips and feedback on pitches for interviews, and to utilize your network (as appropriate) to assist student in finding job opportunities


The mentor program is NOT intended to be tied into an internship program – it is our intent with this program to provide students with a ‘go-to' person for advice and guidance (such as evaluating the merits of various job offers, etc.), which may be in conflict if a mentor is also an employer of the student.  Having said that, we would not stand in the way of an arrangement where both parties were mutually committed to working with one another.





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