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Welcome to LABA at Columbia Business School!

This website was created to provide you with useful information about the Latin American Business Association (LABA) of Columbia Business School. With over 200 members, LABA is the second largest club in Columbia Business School and organizes some of the most high profile events. Columbia Business School boasts one of the highest enrollment rates from Latin Americans among top business schools with more than eight percent of the student body. LABA prides itself for being the only club to bring together the Latin American and international community at Columbia Business School.

In this site you will find information about the club, its initiatives, events, news, contact information and instructions on how to join.

Please explore the site and check our upcoming events and announcements. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, join us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

News and Announcements:

Laba Carnival Party - February 21st, 2015 at Hudson Terrace; tickets on sale here!

XVII LABA Conference - Announced for March 6th, 2015; tickets on sale here!

LABA Paintball - Late February; More info coming soon!

Wharton LATAM Retreat - March 27th-29th, 2015.

LABA Asado - April 2015; tickets will go on sale soon!

LABA 900 party - April 2015; keep posted for more info!

A LABA Love Story – Read The Bottom Line article about LABA’s Asado from Fall 2013.

A Euro-LABA Night to Remember – Read The Bottom Line article about LABA’s Party from Fall 2013.

A promise of Growth: LABA Conference 2013 – Read The Bottom Line article about the LABA Conference 2013.

Peter Siemsen, President of Fluminense Football Club, “We will buy a soccer team in the USA” – Read Forbe’s article about the LABA Conference 2013.

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