Alexander "Sandy" Severino 
Managing Director and Partner LatAm DCM at BTG Pactual

Alfredo Capote         Head of Investment Banking Mexico at Citi

Diego Saez-Gil       Founder and CEO of WeTravelers

Isabel Noboa Executive President of the NOBIS Consortium of Ecuador

Lachlan Creswell         Managing Director,Macquarie Capital (Mexico) S.A. de C.V. 

Lori Tieszen    Executive Director USA at Wine of Chile

Martin Varsavsky Founder and CEO of Fon

Martin Werner      Head of Investment Banking Mexico at Goldman Sachs

Patrick J. McGinnis   Founder of Dirigo Advisors

Peter Siemsen 
President of Fluminense Football Club

Plinio Simoes Barbosa Founding Partner of Barbosa, Mussnich & Aragao Law Firm

Sebastian Villa   Partner at Southern Cross


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Columbia Business School

Welcome to the 15th Annual LABA Conference

The Latin American Business Association (LABA) at Columbia Business School is proud to present its annual conference. As in previous years, the conference will bring together prominent leaders, students and members of the community to discuss business, economic and political trends in Latin America.

Over the past seven years the region has grown at average annual rates of around 5% - even despite the 2008 economic slowdown - leaving behind its history of economic and financial instability. For this reason the theme for the 2013 conference will be “The Latin American Dream”, reflecting the many opportunities that the region offers to investors and entrepreneurs. The aim is to provide a forum for participants to understand the drivers of economic growth in the region and the challenges ahead.

The growth of the region, together with low returns in developed countries, has boosted the interest of foreign investors in Latin America. Attracted by the richness of its natural resources (oil, minerals, arable land, and fresh water) investors are seeking opportunities in Latin America, particularly in those countries that have embraced globalization.

Is the high economic growth that the region experienced in the past years sustainable? What are the main challenges and opportunities that the region will face in the coming years regarding transportation, energy and communication? How is Brazil preparing for the Soccer World Cup and the Olympics Games? Which are the main consumption trends in Latin America? What are the main economic, political, and social policies implemented and how they translated into social progress, better living standards for the population, and reduction of income inequality?

This year’s speakers will offer privileged insights into the key drivers of the recent year’s growth path in Latin America. They will discuss areas of strength and weakness, as well as the business opportunities existing in the region. We hope that you will join us!


The aim of the Latin American Business Association (LABA) is twofold: (1) to promote friendship among Latin-American business students and students interested in Latin-American issues and (2) to sponsor activities that introduce students to the possibilities of employment in Latin America.

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