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India Business Conference 2009 - Columbia Business School
 Welcome to the 2009 India Business Conference

Columbia Business School in association with the South Asian Business Association (SABA) is pleased to announce and invite you to its 5th Annual India Business Conference, a premier forum for professionals, businesses, academecians, students and thinkers to explore and discuss the key business challenges and opportunities in India with esteemed speakers from the industry, distinguished Columbia University faculty and like-minded professionals.

India: Rising to the Challenge

Over the past few months, India has seen three big events that will go down in its history forever: the November 26, 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, the Satyam accounting scandal and the success of Slumdog Millionaire.

All this has happened in the midst of one of the biggest economic crisis the world has ever seen. As the world comes to grip with the reality of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and as any remaining notion of de-coupling begins to melt away, the emerging world, and particularly its leaders China and India, will be increasingly looked at to provide sustained consumer driven growth.

From India's perspective there are significant hurdles that need to be overcome, however if and when they are, the world can count on true consumer driven growth the likes of which the world has not seen since the post Second World War boom in the United States, Western Europe & Japan. In order to become a global power of the future, India will have to introspectively look at its past and its systems to figure out how it can evolve so that it can continue to build the momentum of the past few years.

This India Business Conference at Columbia Business School would focus not so much on India's successes (this isn't the year to talk about successes, but is a great year to reflect on where we are and where we need to get to), but on the key business challenges that need to be overcome to produce sustained consumer driven growth in India, and the potential opportunities for those involved.

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Friday, April 10th 2009
Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University
2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

  Keynote Speakers
Sreenath Sreenivasan
Prof. and Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Laureate and Columbia University Professor
Gururaj Deshpande
Co-founder & Chairman, Sycamore Networks
Parag Saxena
Founding General Partner & CEO, NSR Growth Capital
Frank G. Wisner
Ambassador to India: 1994-97, International Affairs Advisor, Patton Boggs LLP

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New Social Enterprise: Engines of Growth in Uncertain Times
Opportunities in the Pharmaceuticals Space
Ethics: Climbing Up the Value Chain