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Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship: Innovative India Inc.
Pharma: Indian Consumerism & Demand For Pharmaceuticals
Indian Capital Markets:Unscathed from the Financial Crisis or Next in Line?
The Indian Technology Landscape: Gamechangers for the Decade Ahead
New Social Enterprise: Engines of Growth in Uncertain Times
A Basis for Growth: Infrastructure Needs and Opportunities over the Decade Ahead

Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship
Speakers: Arun Maheshwari '70, Akash Jain, Jamal Mazhar and P.V. Kannan
Panel Moderator: Bruce Kogut
Panel Co-ordinators: Aditya Ghuwalewala

The Entrepreneurship & VC panel will focus on how India's future will be shaped by entrepreneurs in the decade ahead. A group of seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from different industries will provide a perspective on questions like what role entrepreneurs will play in defining the future of the country? What are the key challenges and opportunities of founding and running a business in India? The panel will inspire and provide suggestions to the entrepreneurs (and would-be entrepreneurs) who want to focus on India as their next harbor.

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Pharma: Indian Consumerism & Demand For Pharmaceuticals
Speakers: Hemant Shah, Ajay Singh, Sukumar Natesan, Dr. Padma Kaimal and Neal Batra
Panel Moderator: Debjit Ghosh
Panel Co-ordinators: Jaiveer Singh, Amol Luhadia

The rise of India’s consumerism is being driven by a substantial expansion in disposable income and will result in sizeable growth for the Indian pharmaceuticals market. With a current growth rate of 12% to 13% annually, the market is expected to be $15 billion by 2015. The growth will be driven by the expansion of India’s medical infrastructure, increased adoption of health insurance, rising incidence of chronic disease, greater protection of product patents, and improved access to rural markets. However, India’s growth is not without barriers. Indian companies lack experience in drug development and access to necessary capital to foster novel drug research. Western pricing models are generally thought to be unsustainable in the Indian consumer market. Tightening regulatory standards may have a substantial impact on the investment of MNC’s in India’s pharmaceutical industry. The panel will explore the market for pharmaceutical products in India, the regulatory and compliance standards being imposed on pharmaceutical companies operating in India, and the drivers for growth of the Indian pharmaceutical industry over the next decade.

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Indian Capital Markets:Unscathed from the Financial Crisis or Next in Line?
Speakers: Bunty Bohra, Vallabh Bhanshali, Gagan Singh and Georges Ugeux
Panel Moderator: Prof. Partha Mohanram
Panel Co-ordinators: Divya Jyoti Singh, Anu Ganti, Srikanth Nimmagadda

The current global financial crisis seemed to have affected India only for a short period. Business confidence and the stock market have bounced back and the long-term impact of the financial crisis seems to be mild, may be because India is not totally dependent on growth driven by exports or foreign investment. Further, the growing middle class, government-controlled banking system and an overall low appetite for risk helped keep India immune from the financial hurricane engulfing the rest of the globe. However, could these same factors suppress India’s growth in the coming years? The eminent members of the Capital Markets Panel will explore this and questions to gain a better understanding of the critical issues facing India and its future.

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The Indian Technology Landscape: Gamechangers for the Decade Ahead
Speakers: L.N. Balaji, Hari Kumar, Lalit Dhingra and Sridhar Ramasubbu
Panel Moderator: Paul McDougall
Panel Co-ordinators: Sunil Parthasarathy, Saurabh Malpani

There are countless projections forecast for the Indian technology landscape in coming years. Market Research predicts that in 2010, the global IT market will reach $26.6 billion, while India’s IT service market is estimated at $5.4 billion. The Associated Press says, India may overtake China as the world’s fastest growing economy in the next four years, while the analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2012, Indian IT services companies will represent 20% of the leading cloud aggregators in the industry.

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New Social Enterprise: Engine of Growth in Uncertain Times
Speakers: Gil Crawford, Brinda Ganguly '02 and Prem Ramaswami
Panel Moderator: Doug Bauer
Panel Co-ordinators: Nandini Nayar

Much hope has recently been placed on social enterprise as an engine of economic development. From serving customers at the bottom of the pyramid to funding entrepreneurship and delivering critical goods and services, many are looking to market-based approaches and businesses to drive change. What are the different models for creating impact in this sector? What challenges do social enterprises face relating to scale? How do you balance the tradeoff between financial and social returns? What is the role of corporations in this space? Has social enterprise truly arrived yet? These are some of the questions we look to answer as we talk to panelists from a range of business models in the sector.

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A Basis for Growth: Infrastructure Needs and Opportunities over the Decade Ahead
Speakers: David Good, Madhu Vuppuluri '07, Howard Endelman and Dianne J. McCord Maughon
Panel Moderator: Anil Kumar '05
Panel Co-ordinators: Shamez Virani, Aniket Shah

The panel of experts comprised of senior executives from Indian infrastructure companies, investors and researchers will discuss key opportunities and challenges with developing infrastructure projects in India. The panel will draw on their collective experience to discuss specific issues around interactions with key stakeholders such as the government, community and the capital markets. To sustain a growth rate of 9-10% in the next decade, large investments are required in India areas such as transportation, energy, utilities and human capital. As the economy grows, these needs are exacerbated. As the cities expand, the current port, highway and power infrastructure of the country is becoming a bottleneck to the growth in trade. As the government moves to address these needs in the country, they are increasingly looking at the public-private partnership model to address some of the needs in the infrastructure sector. This represents a big opportunity for private sector infrastructure companies and investors to participate in the India growth story over the coming decade. The panel will discuss the efficacy of these projects in India as well as the challenges seen in the execution of this projects and interactions with the key stakeholders.

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Friday, April 2nd 2010
Alfred Lerner Hall,
Columbia University
2960 Broadway,
New York, NY 10027


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