Bernd Schmitt

Handbook on Brand and Experience Management


This important handbook explores new and emerging directions in both brand management research and practice and encompasses a diverse set of approaches. These include the latest academic research to offer new frameworks for understanding brand management. Contributors offer the researcher's perspective on current tools in practice by brand managers today and new research and conceptual frameworks for understanding and managing customer experiences. Recent empirical research and scale development in both brand and experience management and articles by practitioners involved in brand and experience management are presented and explored. The book's key focus is on practical, managerial, and organizational best practices.

The contributors comprise top marketing scholars and practitioners. They examine key topics such as brand attachment, brand permission, and brand meaning; new contextual factors such as digital convergence, target group multiplicity, and the rise of experience economies; and new research domains such as empirical tests of consumer experiences, incidental brand exposure, and brand naming.

Researchers in the areas of marketing, business, management, sociology and psychology will find this an engaging read. For brand practitioners and libraries this volume will be a critical addition to their collections.

Exact Citation:
Schmitt, Bernd, and David Rogers. Handbook on Brand and Experience Management. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2009.
Place: Northampton, MA
Date: 2009