Bernd Schmitt

Experience Marketing: Concepts, Frameworks and Consumer Insights


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Experience is a new and exciting concept marketing academia and practice. This monograph reviews the various meanings of experience as the term is used in philosophy, psychology, and in consumer behavior and marketing. I will discuss the key concepts of experience marketing such as experiential value, different types of experiences, the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary experiences and experience touchpoints. I will also review the empirical findings that provide consumer insights on experiences — such as how experiences are remembered, whether positive and negative experiences can co-exist, how experiential attributes are processed and whether experiences are rational. Practical frameworks for managing and marketing experiences will be discussed. I will conclude with an exploration of how experience marketing can contribute to customer happiness.

Source: Foundations and Trends in Marketing
Exact Citation:
Schmitt, Bernd. "Experience Marketing: Concepts, Frameworks and Consumer Insights." Foundations and Trends in Marketing 5, no. 2 (2011): 55-112.
Volume: 5
Number: 2
Pages: 55-112
Date: 2011